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I disagree. There's no reason to delete this. LG15 is what it is because of the fans. LGPedia articales are created by the fans for a reason. Lonelyrioters were created by the fans, and they're just as real as any other part of this show. (was by

I vote for consolidation with Breeniversisms. I am fine with the creation of the term being enshrined somewhere, but it doesn't deserve its own page (at least as of yet). Really, when something like this has received its own page in the past, the page tends to decay rapidly and no one knows its there. Lonelyrioters Untie! has a better chance at being remembered if its on the Breeniversisms page. --Milowent 14:36, 2 October 2007 (CDT)
Wtf kind of argument is that? "Fans said it, so it exists!"? The fact that something was created by the fans does not mean it is relevant enough to the series or its universe that it has to take up space in the database. If those "lonelyrioters" become a meme comparable to the phrases placed on Breeniversisms, fine, they can be put there.
But the fact that something was somewhere said by someone in the comments does not make it relevant, interesting or notable enough to create an LGPedia page about it.
Or are you seriously suggesting that, if I registered a main page account and posted "pwjfjfiguj2e9gfkv", the fact that it appeared on one video's comment page makes it important enough to create a page for it? Maybe create a category for it, too? Hell, why not put it on the main page?
A meme is characterized by prolonged repetition by a large number of people, not because it enjoyed a short popularity. And one person decides to declare it a "new word". If it's still around in ten videos, add it to Breeniversisms. If not, it shouldn't have been on the pedia in the first place. Either way, it does not belong here.
~ Renegade (talk | contribs) 15:22, 2 October 2007 (CDT)
P.S.: There's a reason the "Lonelyrioters" page is already gone, you know.

Delete. Completely unnoteworthy. 17:32, 2 October 2007 (CDT)chevalier

I say put it in the Breeniversisms like the others say. But then again we could do that with 436 too or whatever the number is. This is a tough call but Breeniversisms I think it is Kellylen 22:14, 2 October 2007 (CDT)

I think having the term Lonelyrioters as a way of referring to the sort of degeneration that takes place on the boards when there's such a long wait between videos that people stop posting anything constructive and just keep filling the comments with shouts about wanting a "New Video Now!!!" ad nauseam, as was the case during the Lonelyriot of ep 305, is just as valid as the references to Lonelycrackers (who are generally the more polite LG addicts before the withdrawl symptoms that result from such extended waits takes hold). I'm not saying it's big or clever, but it happens and "Lonelyrioters" is a perfectly apt descrition of the phenomenon. Besides which, "Lonelyrioters untie!" is just the sort of in-joke reference that people love to get behind. After all, where would we be if it wasn't for orange slurpees and Proving Science Wrong gags. I do agree though that it does seem like adding this as a reference in Breeniversisms makes more sense than leaving it as a separate entry.

I would just like to say that I think this issue is being blown way out of proportion! The Lgpedia is not a piece of literature or factual reference that will someday be historically important...It is simply an interactive add on to the web series. If it can be edited by all, people should be allowed to add what they want. I mean really, it isn't hurting anyone or overshadowing anything else!

Okay. I would just like to address the above commenter:
"LGPedia is not... a factual reference"
That's actually wrong and insulting. We work extremely hard to make sure all the information we provide here is 100% true to the best of our knowledges.
"It is simply an interactive add on to the web series."
Actually, it is not an "interactive add on," but a long-term way of documenting things that have been happening in the lg15 universe to be used as a reference for anyone who is seeking more information on the lg15 universe.
"If it can be edited by all, people should be allowed to add what they want."
No, in order for something to be added it needs to be factual, relevant, objective, significant, and encyclopedic, the same as most other wikis. You could not just submit a page on bananas because in one episode Bree walked by a banana peel. That just isn't significant.
"I mean really, it isn't hurting anyone or overshadowing anything else!"
That's actually not true either. By creating masses of pages that are of minor significance, you are cluttering the wiki and creating more work for the admins and other people who have to keep track of everything.
Submissions from fans at the forums and comment boards are still important to the Breeniverse culture, I do not deny that in the slightest, but we need a way to condense them, so that we don't just have a million pages sitting around. Hence Breeniversisms, the perfect fit. It is a combination of all the Breeniversisms, much like "lonelyrioters untie" and would perfectly suit the needs of the wiki, as well as the needs of all the lonelyrioters who wish to have their phrase immortalized. I will go add it there now.