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anyone mind if i make an actual page for it? what do i have to change to cancel the redirect?--Skeeta 21:00, 12 December 2006 (CST)

Umm why does this exist?

Good question. --Milowent 00:19, 21 November 2006 (CST)

This page used to have a number on it, does any one know where it went or if it meant anything?Macabea13 19:41, 27 November 2006 (CST)

"mitzvah" is, I believe, a YouTube tag on one of Bree's videos. The page that was here was filled with spam, however, so it was deleted.--Brucker 20:04, 27 November 2006 (CST)

Is that what all the website stuff was? I do want to mention however, that the original link to Mitzvah was a long number, that was posted by a different IP address than the spammer.. It was an IP from a provider located on the same street as CAA so I thought that maybe it was added in as a clue? Any thoughts?Macabea13 21:55, 27 November 2006 (CST)