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If anyone feels offended or left out by the logos, I'll remove them. I'll do it with grumbling though, because I think they are fantastic! Dream 12:25, 14 December 2006 (CST)

This is a unique historical occurrence within the LG15 community and of great importance to the record. --LordGreystoke422 05:09, 11 August 2008 (CDT)

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Canada References

REBEL frequently mentioned Canada. We are not sure about anything relating to this so here is just a brief unstructured compilation of the information found.

  • Ottawa: Ottawa's new flag is green and blue with an "O" in the middle[1]
  • Ottawa: The blue refers to water always in Ottawa, the green to the land masses/parks that the city funds and protects. Ice and water would be a reference to the longest skating rink in the world and also the waterway which intersects a majority of parks. The Rideau Canal.
  • Ottawa: There was a fire in 1893. It is rumoured that two ghosts reside within Lisgar, which is why the top floor is closed off. One girl was killed in the 1940s by ice falling off the roof, while a janitor was also killed when he fell off of the roof in an unrelated incident. Now Lisgar is a part of the Haunted Walk of Ottawa. [2]
  • Ottawa, Lisgar Collegiate Institute: Another hotspot for paranormal activity in Centretown is Lisgar Collegiate at 29 Lisgar St. Built in 1843 as a grammar school, the building’s architecture is straight out of the Victorian Era, giving it the stereotypical haunted-house look. The fourth floor, which once served as a shooting range for cadets, is said to be haunted by two ghosts. One is believed to be the spirit of a girl who died when a sheet of ice fell off the steeply slanted roofs and crushed her. Her accompanying spirit is believed to be that of a custodian who died in the 1940s while trying to remove snow and ice from the roofs to prevent a repeat of the accident that killed the girl. Eerie feelings and rumours of the haunting led the fourth floor of the school to be closed off. But that didn’t prevent Lisgar students from locking new students in the range as an initiation tactic.
  • Toronto: Nov. 25, 2003: One student was injured in the upper body when shots were fired at Scarborough Centre for Alternative Studies High School in Toronto. The student survived.
  • Toronto: This just hit me when I was going through the news archive for the Toronto shooting. There’s a sign where it happened that says; “This city is an extension of our homes and its inhabitants our family. When one of us (falls) it is a tragedy to all. THE VIOLENCE MUST STOP.”
  • Toronto: Another Toronto famous ghost story … its in a school now but it was once a house where a man kept his lover hidden a secret room from his wife…very weird
  • Toronto: This is a apparantly famous video of a Toronto ghost girl. (I am sure its fake!) But maybe thats where the idea for REBEL came from? Failing that I’m trying to find something ice related. It is hard though, ice tradgedys seem to be a regular occurance in Toronto, there was an accident there only last week when a boy drowned after falling through ice.

Dream 16:41, 27 December 2006 (CST)