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Dear very obsessed lg15 fans,

I have an announcement to make. On June 12, 2010, I, Xwestsidex, will be married to Miss Xwestsidex...Yes, it's true. And you all aren't invited! hahahahahahahahahha!! You all know who I am now. I am 707clique, as well as Xwestsidex, as well as somebody else. And everyone knows who that is. And if you researched me, you would find out that Miss Xwestsidex actually DOES EXIST and is a DIFFERENT PERSON.

Anyhow, before I get off topic, I just want to say that during "celebration week" (June 7-13),(which is what I call it) there will be a HUGE vandalism attack, bigger than ever seen before in the LG15 forums. I will bring back fish taco. I will bring back strikes against Broken Kid, Jonpro, Zoey, Renegade, and any who try to stop me. I now have better abilities as well. I can change my IP address WHENEVER I WANT TO...back in the day, my proxy would change it at it's choosing. Now, it is wayyyyy easier for me to get around silly bans in EVERY chat forum.

NOT ONLY THAT, I am able to hack profiles. Myspaces, yahoo emails, etc. Better watch all the hateful things you say to me. This is mainly for those who try to stop my wrath of vandalism from coming upon this site.


--The infamous Xwestsidex

P.S. Renegade, I left a small present for you on your page. Merry Christmas!