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Twist of reality

I can't figure out a better place to put this, but I have some observations regarding the plot developments of the last few days. From what I'm reading here, it seems people are assuming Jonas is a good guy and Gemma is with the Order, but there are a lot of possibilities.

Note that Daniel has left and gone home, and is claiming everything is pretty much alright, but we know from OpAphid that his house is under surveillance. It seems that Daniel is either hiding something or is in trouble and not aware of it yet.

Gemma has been seen with Lucy, yes, but we don't really know why. The video could possibly be faked, or Gemma could be acting against her will. Personally, I've been suspecting something fishy with Gemma from early on, due to her "in-your-face Britishness", if you will. Yes, Brits talk differently, but she almost never has a video that doesn't include a distinct Britishism in her speech. Still, that could just be the writers.

Jonas is claiming that Bree is unhappy but safe. Yet despite the fact that she may indeed be sad enough to not come out of her room, it may simply be an excuse to not show her on screen, and give away that she's being held against her will. The biggest strike against this theory for me is that I can't imagine the purpose of continuing to post videos once the Order has Bree in custody and Daniel on close watch. Then again, there is definitely evidence that there are more groups at work here than the Order.

In any case, it's unusual for Bree to fail to post just because she's sad, given her past behavior of posting videos of her and Daniel fighting. All is not as it seems, that's for sure.--Brucker 16:02, 12 December 2006 (CST)

you made a lot of good points! so, about daniel: the order probably only wants him regarding Bree, so he's probably not in any sort of danger. harming him won't accomplish anything, and if nothing bad happens and he tells Bree everything's fine and to come home, he'll be doing the Order's work for them. also, about gemma: the video doesn't look faked, and she doesn't look like she's against her will either. she walked into the building herself, and lucy wasn't doing anything to restrain her, and she looked perfectly calm. But it could be she's being forced by some sort of threat - perhaps to her family, since it sounds like they're still in the cult. or maybe she's brainwashed or something and just doing what the cult tells her to. (side note - Gemma proffessed to be bree's good friend, but bree said the only friend she made in england was gemma's dog. I assumed it was just a plot hole, but maybe it was a hint of Gemma's false frienship.) about Jonas: that's an interesting point. And we don't actually know what the Order's goal is - it could require keeping us fans or daniel happy and convinced that bree is safe. maybe just having bree isn't enough, we never actually knew what the ceremony was or what they wanted with her in the first place. And, i don't think there's anyone else here but the order - the Watchers i always thought were just working for the order. and about bree: ususally she only posts the fight, and that's for story arc purposes. she already posted daniel leaving her. and it's more effective if she's so depressed Jonas has to post for her. i mean if she's refusing to even talk to Jonas, then why would she talk to a milion people on the internet?--Skeeta 20:38, 12 December 2006 (CST)