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LG DB JTKO G19 [Op] TAC BRO NBR ??????? ORD SocSkyblueStar.png CMJ CiW SIE LALR ???????


The following template is used to generate standardized initials for various bloggers. Currently the template supports Bree, Daniel, Jonas, Spencer, Gemma, OpAphid, Tachyon, Brother, Nikki Bower, Paulmark18, the Order, Taylor, Sarah, Jules, Cassieiswatching, and WarPylol.

Other bloggers and other spellings are not currently supported. The syntax is somewhat complex for this template. If you would like a blogger to be added, just ask on the talk page.

To use, simply enter {{init|blogger of your choice}}. For example, {{init|Jonas}} will create JTKO.

This template is protected because it is in use on the Main Page.