The Good Soldier (File 7/15)

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Episode 9/2x009
The Good Soldier (File 7/15)

She had satellite radio...

Blogger The Director
Date Posted November 21st, 2008
Length 1:03
Description Russell takes extreme measures.
YouTube Tags opzerosum zero-sum zero sum linc tom russell julie summer lg15 lonelygirl15 resistance home office shadow elder
Summer Unknown
Order Goon Unknown
Linc Logan Rapp
Agent Penn Unknown
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The Good Soldier (File 7/15) is the ninth video in the The Home Office video series.


(Summer Cam. Linc sets Summer's Camera down on the table, and he puts the Order Goon in a chair and he and Summer tie him up. Summer points a gun to his head, and Linc gets a bottle of paint thinner)

Summer: Linc, what are you doing? What is that? (Linc pours the paint thinner on the Order Goon) This that Paint thinner?! (Linc walks away and gets another chair) We didn't talk about this. Linc? (Linc sits down and lights a cigarette.) Linc? Wait. (Linc begins to throw the lit cigarette at the Order Goon) Stop-

(Screen Cuts out to interrogation room. We see footage taken of Penn's interrogation of Linc prior to the former's death.)

Agent Penn: Where's Julie, Linc?

Linc: (Pauses for a second, then sighs) I think she drove a new mustang.

Penn: Was it her's?

Linc: Guess it might be a rental.

Penn: What was she doing?

Linc: I remember she had satellite radio. I guess she seemed a bit nervous. (Snorts) You think I'm that stupid? (Sighs)

Penn: Let's go over the tape.

Linc: Oh, what the hell.