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| name        = The Importance of Planning
| number      = 1-28
| image      = Hsaovideoimage_ImportPlanning.jpg
| caption    = Assess your current situation.
| date        = January 24th, 2007
| YTcode      = 0akE_pzpFHs
| description = We submit this very serious video to demonstrate our concern. (I Don't Get It -Song by MRBIGSus) Planning for one's future is always an important step in life. Students, here we weight some choices for your peer Bree to consider. We appreciate that you are listening. We do hope she is listening, too. 
| tags        = {{tags|hsa|mskelly|transition|home|mother|planning|life|lonelygirl15|lg15}}
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'''The Importance of Planning''' is the twenty-eighth video put up by Ms. Kelly of [[The Homeschoolers Aggregate]].
(''In TiKO script'') Generous Funding provided by: TiKO FOUNDATION
(''Revolving Earth picture, caption: HSA: Transition Planning'')
On Planning for One's Future
Students, we have recently heard from your peer Bree regarding her current situation.
Indeed, we are concerned and alarmed.
We cannot believe what we heard.
'''Bree:''' (''From [[Time To Grow Up]]'') The goal for today is to figure out what I want to do with my life.
Planning a career now?
At this time?
At her age, Bree should have already chosen a career path.
We have known for some time that planning ahead is not one of her strengths.
For such a bright and gifted young woman, she has much to offer.
Support is always necessary when approaching a vocation.
In light of the passing of her dear father, her grief and lack of direction are certainly understandable.
She needs to seek support.
(''A clip of two people grasping hands'')
She can continue to live in the house of sin and disorder witnessing the inane antics of the foul-mouthed foosball brothers.
(''Clip of Daniel playing Foosball from [[Foosball Battle]]'')
Although sweet Jonas cannot be blamed for his tragic life, and Daniel cannot be blamed for his unstructure upbringing.
Or Bree could choose to run away again without the means to support herself financially, emotionally or intellectually.
(''Clip of Bree leaning forward in the library chair from [[Time To Grow Up]]'')
There is yet another choice.
She can always seek the support and caring embrace
of her mother.
With such a successful, connected and well-respected mother, Bree could find many doors open to her.
Her intellectual prowess is no accident, we imagine.
Bree should be aware that, although a recent tragedy demonstrated that life is not always how it seems,
sometimes the most obvious situations reveal themselves to be exactly how we view them to be.
Think about it.
Is it time to go home, Bree?
Is your mother waiting for you?
(''Clip of two people grasping hands'')
Please consider our recent lessons.
Assess your current situation.
Plan for the future.
Use the part of your brain that contains the most potential.
(''An image of a brain turns, then an x-ray is taken of it'')
Take action.
(''Revolving Earth picture, caption: HSA: Transition Planning'')
Isn't a mother's love unconditional?

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