The Other Monkey

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The Other Monkey
First Appearance Last Appearance
The Danielbeast I Miss Her
Character information
Age Stuffed
Portrayed by The Other Monkey

Videos with The Other Monkey

The Other Monkey, or T.O.M. is a stuffed animal of which Bree never speaks. Presumably, Bree does not love The Other Monkey. Daniel holds The Other Monkey in the video I Probably Shouldn't Post This...

It is unknown if T.O.M. gets along with Thor, Owen and his vastly more adored primate brethren, Purple Monkey. Even Bree's feather boa receives more attention than The Other Monkey. Usually he is seen lying on the floor, or by himself on the bed. He is probably slightly insane from Bree's neglect and scorn.

On Owen's myspace page, he refers to T.O.M. by the name Sandy. It is unknown if Bree is aware of that name or it is strictly between the animals.

As nobody loves T.O.M. he appears to have been left behind at Bree's old house when Bree and Daniel ran away in the video On The Run. When Bree died, nobody even bothered to notify T.O.M., and he continues to believe, quixotically, that someday Bree will be his friend. The saga of T.O.M.'s loneliness continues...

While T.O.M. is presumed abducted by the Order, he was last seen in a flashback clip in I Miss Her.

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