The Plan

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The Plan
Blogger Mason
Date Posted February 17th, 2010
15:29 PDT
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The Plan is a text blog posted by Mason directly after the video You Thought It Was Over?, and directly before the video Roadblock.


Whee. I'm blogging. Text. This is so awesome. I can barely contain my excitement.

Okay, Mr. eyeseeyou (if that IS your real name), I got your message loud and clear. And I have a response:


Sorry, but I've seen how these episodes go: anonymous hacker/blogger with mad editing skillz shows up out of nowhere to drop a heavily-encoded message that, once decrypted fully, leads the gang of intrepid do-gooders to a seedy construction site, where a group of G-Men show up in an unmarked white-van to capture said group and hold them (and their video cameras) hostage. ...THEN it's all up to a high school soccer girl, broody manly man, and a shampoo salesman to show up with cameras of their own to save the day.

So, rather than waste a couple of weeks going through the usual motions, I'm going to take a pro-active approach to things and just ignore your Hitchcock-inspired delusions all together, savvy?

In short, we've got a plan, and we're going through with it. Actually, to be more accurate, *I* have a plan, and Will is tagging along, because he'd prefer not to go to jail for skipping court dates. Plus, there's that whole 'someone's trying to kill us' thing that's kind of made things a little tense around these parts, but we're dealing with it. Will has managed to find Crystal's sketchbook, and he's been salivating over it during his pain-pill trip. Apparently he thinks he 'sees something', and he's going to put it all online for you lot to figure out.

Honestly, I don't see anything. I know her. Trust me, she's not exactly the 'put hidden codez in teh sketchezz' type.

But above all:

Tomorrow and Friday, the plan goes into effect.

We're getting her back.

And fine, we're taking the cameras along...but I'm letting you know right now: if the bullets start flying, the HandyCam is getting tossed and the Beretta is getting loaded.

Yours truly,

[insert wise-cracking sign-off].