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[http://lonelygirl15.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=2729 Forum discussion]<br>
[http://lonelygirl15.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=2729 Forum discussion]<br>
{{youtube|aWtPvbLv6WA|Companion Video}}
{{youtube|aWtPvbLv6WA|Companion Video}}
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Template:Aphid They Are Still Everywhere is the eighteenth video in the OpAphid video series.


A blurry shot of a highway
A highway sign we can't read

A simi drives past
A lit-up windmill
A view of a circular semitruck mirror
The windmill and text:

"Needless to say, things haven't gone according to plan
I learned more in that last hour there than "i" did in her entire existance"

A closeup of (we suspect) tachyon from hairline to nose
Windmill and text:
"I'm not sure it's safe to come home.
I've left something for you,
and a message to pass along."

quick establishing shots of where the drop might have been ending on the sign out front and paning up to the windmill.
a shot of semis going both directions on the highway and the phrase "tag you're it" bounces back and forth with the traffic


  • Many YouTube users have pointed out the resemblance of this video to Don Quixote, a novel in which the main character is chasing windmills which he believes to be his enemy, which, obviously they are not. The windmills may be a reference to OpAphid, implying that Tachyon is under the delusion that her "enemy" is everywhere.

The Drop

Drop 2 (where IS she going?)
Forum discussion
Companion Video