This Is My Story Now

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Episode 0001/1x001
This Is My Story Now

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Blogger Cassie
Date Posted September 12th, 2006
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This Is My Story Now is the first video in the lonelygirl15 video series.[[Category:Cassie's blogs| 000001]]

This Is My Story Now is the begining of the Cassieiswatching Alternate Reality Game (ARG). This video takes place at the swimming hole from Swimming!


A young woman whispers "I was here" and images flash quickly. These include a sack to be featured later and the entry sign for the park.

The camera moves along the path that Bree and Daniel used in their video. We hear a scraping noise as if the bag is being dragged along and see no one.

Next the camera sits ground level at the waters edge. You watch the screen expecting the K-fee zombie to show up when the bag drops into the water from the rockface above. The whisper returns "Come and get it."

Possible Clues

Cassie comments on her video with this map to the dead drop location.

After two days of failed searches, Cassie decides to help further by privatly messaging a few searchers with this more direct clue. This is later added to the video discription.

The next day a handful of unsuccessful attempts are posted at YouTube. Then it is announced that Cu Roi has found the clue. His video is well edited and took some time to be loaded. The video (Casket of Tears) revealed a Judgment card from the mythic tarot set. Cassie changes the video discription to "TOO SLOW I DON'T PLAY CARDS YOU ALL FAILED I HATE YOU". The clue was game jacked.

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