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Blogger Reed
Date Posted November 4th, 2008
12:27:10 PM
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Awk.Ward. (also known as Too Many Cats in the Kitchen) is a text blog posted by Reed directly after the video The Princess Unmasked and directly before the text blog Reed's Guide to Getting Ready.


Weirdest. Breakfast. Ever.

I wake up this morning and there’s this awesome mapley smell wafting through the entire apartment (waft -- good word, huh? You’re impressed, I know). Turns out Estelle, being the kind and supercool soul that she is, surprised us with some homemade pancakes.

So Jonas, Sarah, Maggie and I sit down at the kitchen table and... silence. Sarah just sizes up Estelle. Maggie stares at the pancakes like they’re radioactive. And Jonas’s mouth is so full that to attempt conversation would be just plain rude (thankfully, no attempt was made).

Eventually I try to break the ice. I ask Maggie how she’s feeling. Her response? “Um, Afraid?”


Okay, I appreciate the candor, but that kinda freaked Estelle out a bit. Me too. Not to mention it’s way too early in the morning to worry about getting captured or killed. I just wanna enjoy my freakin’ Bisquicks, ya know?

Maggie’s a strange one to say the least. But how could she not be? After everything she’s been through, it’s pretty amazing how resilient she is. I mean, if I had been locked up like that I’d probably be curled in a permanent fetal position for the rest of my life. She’s tough though. Quiet. But tough. I think even Jonas is warming up to her (which isn’t too surprising, considering she’s a bizarro version of him in a way).

Sarah on the other hand will not stop with the stink-eye. It’s bad enough she’s got it out for Estelle, but I think Maggie joining the mix just makes her wanna fight for the title of Queen Bee-otch even harder.

Girls confuse me.

Especially girls like Sarah. She keeps running hot and cold and I’m sick of it. One day she’s nice, the next it’s like I don’t exist. She can’t dangle a carrot in front of me forever.

And that’s why I asked Estelle if she wanted to go on a date tomorrow night :)


(oh, and the smiley face means she said yes).