Uncle Dan (D-Bone Remix)

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Episode 155/1x155
Uncle Dan (D-Bone Remix)

You can get her nephew's file...

Blogger Daniel
Date Posted March 15th, 2007
URL myspace.com
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Length 2:08
Description The party the other night was soooo fun... but I thought Jonas's video was kinda... ummm... biased. I filmed a bunch of stuff that he edited out. Anyways, it's kinda random but hope you like it.
Location(s) Rebecca's house
Production Credits
Executive Producer(s) Miles Beckett, Mesh Flinders, and Greg Goodfried
Producer(s) Amanda Goodfried
Director(s) Miles Beckett and Mesh Flinders
Camera Kevin Schlanser
Executive Story Editor Glenn Rubenstein
Story Miles Beckett, Mesh Flinders, Greg Goodfried, and Glenn Rubenstein
Editor(s) Kevin Schlanser
Daniel Yousef Abu-Taleb
Jonas Jackson Davis
Finn Nicholas Aaron
Claudia Misi Lecube
Toby Burke Stuart
Beth Angela Harp
Seth Stephen Torres
Damien Charlie North
Alex Bitsie Tulloch
Carl Craig Coyne
Sonia Raegan Payne
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Uncle Dan (D-Bone Remix) is the one-hundred fifty-fifth video in the lonelygirl15 video series. It takes place at the same party as Uncle Dan, from Daniel's point of view.


Daniel: I'm going to try and mingle, I'm gonna talk to these people, see what they're all doing, let's go.

(Daniel films some of the people in the room.)

Daniel: So you're uh...you're...are you a rock star? Like, are you actually...

Finn: If you don't recognize me, then go on... But seriously, you don't know my stuff... (He shoos Daniel away.)

Daniel: I'm sorry, dude, all right. Well, cheers.

(The camera cuts to a shot of Claudia. Carl and Sonia are talking behind her.)

Claudia: I'm Claudia. I'm from--Greece

Daniel: Wait, is it CLAW-dia or CLOUD-ia?

Claudia: It's CLOUD-ia.

(The camera cuts to a shot of Toby and Beth.)

Alex: C'mere, I want you to meet Daniel, listen...

Toby: Hey Daniel.

Daniel: Hey, what's up? You're... you're...

Toby: I'm Toby. Toby.

Daniel: You're Jonas's cousin?

Toby: Yeah.

Daniel: Are you serious?

Toby: Yeah, you know, I haven't seen him since the funeral so, I just...

Daniel: Dude, you should talk to him!

Toby: Okay.

Daniel: You should.

(The camera cuts away and pans over various people at the party.)

Daniel: Hey, what's up? What's your name, dude?

Seth: Seth.

Daniel: Seth? Hey, I'm Daniel.

Seth: Nice to meet you.

Daniel: Who's...

(The camera cuts away. Daniel now stands alone and addresses the camera.)

Daniel: I want to show you one thing really quickly. This guy has more game than Jonas.

(Daniel films the musician, who is now making out with a woman, then cuts away to Jonas.)

Jonas: (referring to Damien, who is wearing his jacket) He stole my jacket. I don't know what to do.

Damien: Want it back or what?

Jonas: Well, yeah. (Damien hands Jonas his jacket, but doesn't let go.)

Damien: You want it back? It's like a tug of war, come on!

Alex: Oh. My. God. (stepping in between them and grabbing the jacket.)

(Jonas looks at the camera. Cut to Daniel near the food table. He picks up a chicken wing and takes a big bite.)

Daniel: Mmmmmhmmhmmhhmm...

(Cut to Jonas talking to Damien, who is checking him out.)

Damien: So what are you doing later?

Jonas: Uhhh... nothing, really. I dunno. Probably just going to leave...

Damien: Really?

Jonas: Yaa...

Damien: With who? (He nibbles suggestively on a Rabbit wine opener.)

Jonas: Uhh my friend... (Jonas attempts to escape.)

Daniel: No, Jonas, we can hang out for a bit.

Damien: (to Jonas) You smell nice.

Daniel: He's very stiff like that.

Jonas: Thank you, I really appreciate that.

Alex: Alright, ... (unintelligible)

Damien: I've had a little too much to drink! It's too much fun. You look, you look fabulous.

Alex: I know, honey.

Damien: Just wanna eat you up like... (He makes an exaggerated biting noise)

Daniel: (mischeviously, to Damien) Hey, where'd Jonas go?

Damien: That's a good question! Hey, I'll see you later. (He leaves in search of Jonas.)

(The camera cuts to a shot of Sonia and Carl talking)

Carl: --this party, so you could talk to Alex, so you could get in her nephew's file...introduction...

Daniel: Hey, what's up?

Sonia: (She notices Daniel.) Oh, hi! Hi, I'm, I'm Sonia, I'm Alex's friend. (Carl tugs on her arm, and she looks at him.) What? (She looks back at Daniel.) I've been wanting to talk to you, your aunt has told me so much about you.

Daniel: Yeah, I don't know what to do, I don't know anybody here. I'm Jonas's--

Carl: So what was your name again? What was your name?

Daniel: Daniel.

Carl: Daniel? Hey, I got a question, dude.

Daniel: What's up, dude?

Carl: Hey do you, do you have a girlfriend here?

Daniel: Ummmmm...

Carl: I mean, can I go, can I go interrupt you talking to your-to your girlfriend?

Daniel: What? Are you serious?

Sonia: Oh, don't worry about that!

Carl: We were just-we were just talking and...

Daniel: All right, all right man, hey enjoy your night...alright

Carl: No, no, no, no, it's cool. Just let me know-just let me know when you have a girlfriend, I'll come up and talk to you, all right?

(The camera cuts away to a shot of Jonas, standing in a corner with a wine glass and rubbing his lips.)

Daniel: Dude, this sucks. Take the camera, everybody freakin' hates me.


  • There is a dispute as to what Carl actually said. Some people believe that he said "get his money" or "get his phone number", as well as other ideas.
  • Jonas's reaction towards Damien's advances (and later romantic involvement with Bree) seems to dismiss many fans' speculation that he is gay.
  • Although this video is in conjunction with Uncle Dan, we do not see any footage of Daniel being drunk.
  • This video was not posted on YouTube, though it was on Revver.
  • The musician may be the same one Gemma dated.
  • This video is not on LG15.com.
  • This video & Uncle Dan are filmed in a parallax perspective.