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Who is

User is another random LG15 fan who doesn't want to take the time to sign up, or have her password emailed to her if, in fact, she's already signed up. She's watched the forum and read through several different theories, rarely adding her own input. She does comment on the YouTube videos every so often, and can be known there by her common username, Kengirl01. She also comments on the Lonelygirl15 website occasionally, and can be known there as RandomGuestBandit. She has no videos uploaded yet, due to the fact that she owns virtually no video editing/making software.

If you want to refer to on the LGPedia website, you may call her either (the more times this is written, the easier it is to remember), or Ginny.

Is a secret canon character?

She assures you, she is not. ^_^ But that would be really cool.

Other Names

There may be other users nearby with the anonymous IP address of, and if they do not wish to have this information resulted onto them, they may create a section here about themselves.

Named Users with the IP address are:
N/A's Theories holds several theories relating to the story, some were made by, and some she read on the forum and agreed with. Here they are: (This list may not be currently updated)

Jonas Knows Too Much:
(Found in the Plot Holes Discussion)
I don't know if it's even a plot hole at all, but in the video "Tough Cookie", Jonas explains that Gemma had been working for the Order the entire time, and was lieing to Bree. The clip he showed is obviously from Tachyon/Brother's Gemma series (Part 2), but how does Jonas really know all that stuff? From the video, all we see is Gemma following Lucy. All that could mean is that Lucy's found Gemma and is taking her in. Now, maybe Jonas worked through the puzzle Tachyon and Brother left, but I don't know how much they'd told us at that point. Either Jonas worked through Tachyon's puzzle and found out about Gemma, the Creators goofed up, or there's something else at work.

Zombie Daniel:
(Found on the Forum)
Because I didn't create this theory, I'll let you go to the link and read up on it yourself.

Blank Space:
(Found on the comments for video 0174 - comment number 204)
Something I’m confused about, not really relating to this video, but to her Youtube page. On the left side she has links to the others’ pages. In her own, Daniel’s, Jonas’s, and Gemma’s, there are spaces in the URL. Yet in OpAhpid’s, Tachyon’s, and Brother’s, there aren’t. This could be because those links are new and in the older ones she thought she needed to have the space so that YouTube would allow her to post them, but I don’t think that’s likely. If she’d (Or, the creators') thought that, she would’ve put the space before the .com, to confuse the computer. If you put the space after the .com, the computer still recognizes that link. Puting the space after the .com doesn't make any sense. -EDIT- Bree edited her profile - now, OpAphid's, Tachyon's, and Brother's links arn't there anymore. But that doesn't mean the spaced links idea isn't still open.

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