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The love of my life ;)

Real Name Melanie
Also known as Meli, Lanie
Age 20
LG15 Projects
Previously Involved In Codename Triple Knot (GC ARG)
Currently Involved In Following Jonas' every move, starting to get into the 'Pedia
Linky Love
My Blog
My Folio
Youtube 1 ForwardMotion
Youtube 2 Potterisms
Youtube 3 (GC ARG) TheChartreuse

"Chartreuse" is a forum member (by the same username) who has been watching the saga since Bree started proving science wrong. She is 20, lives in Oklahoma, and is studying web design independently.

Lonelygirl15 is her first major internet obsession... and the series became that much sweeter with the addition of Jonas.

ARG Involvement

Meli, under the name of "Lanie", became heavily involved in the GuillotineCalamity ARG, working to decode clues almost around the clock. She also followed the Cassieiswatching and OpAphid ARGs, but... wasn't as good at them.

She's done some ARG videos, but won't tell you which ones.


JonasMini.gif This user's favorite lg15 character is Jonas.
Owen.jpg This user's favorite lg15 stuffed character is Owen.
OtherMonkeySmall.JPG This user loves The Other Monkey, even if Bree doesn't.
HotBaloon.jpg This user still likes Gemma, even if she is evil. Go figure.
Xombie.jpg This user thinks that Daniel has a dark side that has not yet been fully revealed.
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This user is an [ aphid op ].
CiW This user is watching Cassie.
Tachyon They Are Watching.JPG This user wants to Bring Back Tach.
Lonelybeast.jpg Lonelybeast taught this user about the Cornwallis Effect.
0048-14Hours.jpg This user has been up for 14 hours, and feels fine.
Tachyon7.jpg This user wants to be just like Tachyon when they grow up.
0185-JonasCarryingBree-Cropped.jpg This user thinks Bree & Jonas make out all the time, don't they?
Jonas666.JPG This user's lg15 crush is Jonas.
Sym str.jpg This User wants Bree and Jonas to hook up.
Sym str.jpg This User wants Daniel and Sarah to hook up.
LG This user has been following lonelygirl15 since September 2006]].
LonelyCrack.JPG This user is severely addicted to LonelyCrack.
Cap.gif This user knows that you can't sneak around without a wool cap.
Stupid, illegal or both? This user has made more than one Fan Video.
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