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Hello ^-^ I am Demented Llama, DL, Katie, whatever you want to call me.

I can't exactly remember since I've been watching LG15, but I heard about it when everyone heard it was fake and I watched it from the start and then I had to go back and watch Daniel's because I didn't know he had any (I was such a lonelyn00b ;D) then Jonas came in a while later. So I'm pretty sure I started around October maybe? Right around the time where she was preparing for the ceremony. I got addicted (but not as much as now) and I didn't even realize how HUGE this LG15 thing is. And then I found out about Opaphid and Tachyon. My mind was spinning, there was way too much to put together. And the Oppy Tachy videos gave me the creeps. xDD

But to this day I love it even though I am a bit dissapointed at where it is going, I only hope it turns around and we get some more ARG videos and some drops!

And this is me before I actually made an account (Lazy ;D) and I did some editing.

Tachy supporter.

Oh dear.