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Hetalia: Axis Powers
Person information
Age 28
Birthday June 13th, 1991
LG15 10038
N1ckola FH14
Forum Posts FH14
YouTube Fireheart14
Revver Fireheart14
Bebo AndrewF599
Twitter FH14
Portrayed by Andrew

FH14 (Also known as Fireheart14) is a regular user on the LGPedia and the Old Forums. He has been a contributor to the 'Pedia since April 2007 and became a Administrator in February 2009. He is the third user to reach 10000 Edits, and he enjoys updating the UGC sections as well as the Canon Sections. He is in college now, so he can't be on the 'Pedia as much as he would like to, but he's doing his best to be on for at least a few minutes every day. With the end of LG15 however, he doesn't spend quite as much time on the pedia as he used to.

He doesn't bite, so feel free to contact him with any questions or concerns you may have.

I'm also on the Harper's Globe wiki. I'm very active at the Hetalia Archives, and the Kitayume Wiki.

You can contact me on tumblr here.

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