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Harpdevil has been a chatroom regular ever since he found his way here during the bree chat. He was originally known for nothing more than having a british accent, however he hopes that since then he is known more for being a happy, entertaining soul.

The first person Harpdevil spoke to in the chat room was OhEmGeeItsLily, who was angry about the levels of n00bs surrounding her. Little has changed, and now her and harpdevil have a love-hate relationship: Harpdevil loves her and Lily hates him. Although this was originally recognised as a joke, Lily's hate has become so realistic it is hard to tell what she really thinks of him. She has known to describe kicking him from the chatroom as "orgasmic". Harp's other original friends were GoodGollyItsHolly and Buggar, whom he called "a loser in a lovely way". Devil joked at this time he would be an admin in under a month, but this in fact turned out to be accurate. He enjoyed teasing Buggar with a flurry of australian insults, which led them to breaking his bed...and his hand.

Harp is happy to have met lots of wonderful friends, and Lily. :P He is part of a 3way clique of sordid imaginations which also includes popculture and HoorayForMeImMakingOut. He enjoys peanut-butter beatboxing with dinomyte

Other things about my LG chat life:

  • - Dolphins in the shallows.
  • - OhEmGeeItsLily enjoys kicking me.
  • - WANKER, SPIGGIN' HUFTER, DAG and other random aussie-isms
  • - bitchessssssssssss
  • - coffee coloured diamonds
  • - Dance monkey, DANCE!
  • - "Mahhhh!!" - Manda's bird kissing.
  • - What the hell Lily, what the hell!


Moments in time

Gangsta wench!
Playing the emo violin
OH NOES! mimo is teh nekkid?!1


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