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I would like to improve the lonelygirl15 and related articles on Wikipedia. One way to do so, would be with better images. Wikipedia takes copyright seriously, so currently only one image from the whole series is used (on all Wikipedia) under the terms of "Fair Use." Wikipedia accepts several licenses, the GNU Free Documentation License or the Creative Commons CCbySA2.5 are two encouraged licenses. If these images could be released under the terms of the licenses, I think it could really help improve the LG15=KM related pages on Wikipedia.

Releasing the images is super simple! The easiest way would probably be to post a page at, containing the images below and saying "these images are available under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License" at the bottom of the page. So easy it's crazy!

Here are some images that I think really capture different elements of the show.
one of the iconic vlogging pictures
A classic vlogging/stuffed animal pic
A good one of when McPhee guest starred
Bree and her Hymn of One phase
Good one of Daniel and laptop
Bro time?
Something that captures the adventure?
Also need some Kate pics
cute one of the girls
cast photo?
and maybe the gents?