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Person information
Age 28
Birthday August 26th, 1993
YouTube kitsaber
Twitter kitsaber691


Kitsaber691 (preferred gender pronouns: she/her/hers) is a recent college graduate who is looking for a job where she can use her French language skills. Ideally she would like to move to Paris, but doesn't think that will happen for a while because of the French economy. She first started following LG15 at the tender age of thirteen, and is thrilled that the LGPedia is back online. It appears that the restored forums predate the creation of her account, but she doesn't mind because she never had much to say on there in the first place. At any rate, she prefers IRC and Twitter (and occasionally Reddit) for communication these days.

With LGPedia resurrected, she will be spending her free time fixing transcripts and other pages on LGPedia:Ways To Help and hopes other users will join her in her efforts.


0146-JonasAtHisAunt'sHouse-Cropped.jpg This user's lg15 crush is Jonas.
Prom badge 1.jpg This user attended the LG15 Prom on 6/6/2008.
KM-12in12 glass.png This user watched Precious Blood on 4/5/2008.
0229-JonasByNeutrogena.jpg If this user could be anything, they'd choose to be normal.