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Age 15
Birthday 26 February Neavers
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Hey, hey, hey.

'Sup? I'm Neavers or the interwebz, and Niamh IRL (in real life). It's hard to read 'cause it's Irish. Here's a little guide:

"Niamh" pronounciation

  • N = "N"
  • ia = "ee" as in cheese.
  • mh = "v"
  • So Niamh is pronounced Neev.


I'm from Scotland, which is probably one of the only countries to have it's own page on here. Of course, that means that Scotland has been mentioned in the LG universe a few times. In fact, some blunders about my wee country were made in Me...Jack (check the notes section). :P

LG15 and the LGPedia

I was a YouTube fan before I was a lonelygirl15 fan. My channel predates the LG15 YouTube channel by 4,060,800 seconds (that's 47 days). I started watching in late August of 2006, so a few weeks before it was outed as a "hoax" (I hate that word), but haven't really gotten into the official site or the LGPedia until 2007-ish. I was mentioned in a certain video by a certain non-plantcake, so I guess... that makes me canon?


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