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BA Tells Lies.

Nobackspacebutton has been a member of the LG forums since October and posts Monday through Friday, 8AM - 4PM EST. She is mostly known for creating conspiracy theories and questioning motives not only of suspicious posters but also of long time posters that could possible be 'plants' by the Order. She is known for posting screen caps of the current video, enhancing them, and tediously searching the backgrounds for anything of 'significance'. Her real name is Beth Anne, but most refer to her simply as BA. She was born September 22, 1986 in Utica, NY. Her current occupation is a sexy secretary.

About Her

Username: Nobackspacebutton
Name: BA
Age: 20
Location: Watching, You
Occupation: Sexy Secretary

What Ever Happened to That Girl BA?

BA is watching.

Lazyeye.jpg This user's favorite lg15 character is Bree.
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BreeCig.gif This user thinks that Bree has a dark side that has not yet been revealed.
lon This user's longitude is -76.13.
Owen hiding in his shell.jpg When sad, this user hides in their shell. "So dark in here..."
LG This user has been following lonelygirl15 since My Parents Suck video.