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General Chat Rules

  1. Use common decency.
  2. Do not spam the channel, use colors, bold, underline or italic or type in all caps.
  3. No impersonating characters, ops or other users.
  4. Keep the room PG-13.
  5. Minimize profanity.


Operators or "ops" are the moderators of chat, and the people to go to if you need assistance with anything. All ops are volunteers and fans, none of them is canon, works for EQAL or anything similar.

As it is their job to maintain order and moderate, you are expected to follow their directions, even if they go beyond these rules. If you are unsure or unhappy about a decision they made, please discuss the issue with them in private, or -in extreme cases- bring your concerns to a different op - resistance, spam or insults will get you nowhere.

Ops are generally marked with an @ in front of their name, and sorted at the top of the user list:

Ops java.png Ops in Java chat.
Ops chatzilla.png Ops in ChatZilla. (Not to be confused with Normal chatzilla.png normal users.)
@ Ops in web chat and most other IRC clients.

Current Ops

  • Broken_Kid
  • heyaja
  • Renegade15
  • ApotheosisAZ
  • cittiecait
  • femaleprodigy
  • KindredPhatom
  • MicFranXon

Special Character Chat Rules

Character Chats are ingame events. As such, you are expected to treat the characters as if they were real people, and their backstories reality. Essentially, you are supposed to role-play.

That means:

  1. Do not mention production issues, like actors, seasons, episodes, out of game information, etc., etc. During the character chat, the Breeniverse is reality. Mentioning these things disrupts the flow of conversation and breaks everyone's suspension of disbelief.
  2. Treat the characters realistically. Don't randomly ask characters for their sexual orientation, penis size, what fruit they would be, or similar, totally unrelated issues.
  3. Don't be ridiculous. That includes, but is not limited to, asking characters for their opinions on wild, implausible theories, like "Sibylla, are you Bree?".
  4. Keep things on topic.
    For participants, that means focusing on the character, his or her reason for the being in chat, and following the intent and tone of the Character Chat, rather than descending into shenanigans like throwing textual ice cream at the characters.
    For non-participants, that means moving any other topics either to other rooms or to PM. As long as #LG15chat is the official LG15 chat, official LG15 events take priority and overrule everything else.
  5. In order to ensure visibility of the characters as well as equal opportunity for everyone to interact, application of the General Rules will be stricter than under normal circumstances.

In general, characters or other "VIPs" are voiced in chat, that is, they have a + in front of their name and are sorted above normal users in the user list. Seeing voiced users is a good sign either a Character Chat or a similar, "official" chat event is in progress.

Voices java.png Voiced people in Java chat.
Voices chatzilla.png Voiced people in ChatZilla.
+ Voiced people in web chat and most other IRC clients.

Other Official Events

In case of non-ingame events like Creator chats, rules 3., 4. and 5. of the above apply.
As mentioned, "VIPs" will be voiced just like characters.

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