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Hi Demosthenesdown, good to have you here. Thanks for the good edits and for saying I am cool (twice!). I just wanted to give you a small suggestion; I noticed that you'll edit the same page many times in a row to get it just right (quality is important, of course!). To avoid that, click the "Preview" button instead of the "Save" button when you're editing a page. That way you can see what it looks like, make any more changes you want, and then save it when you're done. The reason it's better to do it that way is that the only way to monitor for vandalism is to check the Special: Recentchanges page and going through the edits. When you make many little edits, it kinda fills up the page. Don't feel bad about it or anything, I'm relatively new myself and sometimes I edit the same page a couple of times in a row. The important thing is that you're contibuting; let the Admins or me or anyone else know if you have questions, we're all here to help.
OwenIsCool aka Owen whom you agree is cool ;)