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"UtNbErS tutlaEN" (an anagram for Untenable Trust,with the capitals alone anagramming to UNSEEN) was a fan-fiction character who sent encrypted messages to Lonelygirl15 fans on the comment board on December 9, 2006. The YouTube profile picture (no videos were posted) showed a single, green eye until December 10th, 2006, which later closed. This character hinted at a connection to the more involved RefusEtoBeliEveLies series of anagrams.

About UtNbErS tutlaEN

  • The profile picture showed a single, green eye until December 10th, 2006. The eye is now closed.
  • The style of the letter is similar to previous clues by OpAphid
  • The content of the letter is similar to OpAphid and Immant videos.
  • RefusEtoBeliEveLies (aka Rebel) refers to blue and green in a December 9, 2006 anagram. Public belief is that the colors refer to eyes - blue of Rebel and green of Unseen.

Private Messages

First Message, December 9, 2006

  • Location: "The Test" video
  • Posted by gemmas flatmate, Dream, Perky

Subject title: ~0~

mre,oL aebti nauwn ybtig. alnl… 
trwy. heo enr yoT ath… 
fih, eSvrne, bevtoatoN. icn, iarsoceeerpta… 
wiuolr hldmyu alo,wos tywIut, wohlt… 
wocd? hua eal nrl yEe… 


many are able, but not willing. 
they are not worthy. 
faith, perseverence, observation, action.
what will you do, whom will you trust, 
when you are called? 

Caps spell LISTEN.

Solution Key:

There are two different keys in this anagram. The first, solving lines 1, 2, 4, and 5, follows the Rebel solution (the first letter of each word, the second of each, etc.). The second key, for line 3, considers the entire line as one word, taking the first and last letters, followed by second and second to last, etc.

The symbol in the subject line has not yet been identified.