We do not wish to make enemies, only friends.

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Immant Video 3
We do not wish to make enemies, only friends.

"So dark in here..."

Blogger Dr. Immant
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URL revver.com
Description We're just misunderstood.
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We do not wish to make enemies, only friends. is the third video in the Immant video series.


(The video starts with static, and cuts in to Immant, who is wearing sunglasses)

Dr. Immant: I have many roles within the Order. One of my responsibilities is to control information. We've allowed an Internet presence because we wish to open our ranks to those who are worthy. Things are not always as they appear and taken out of context can misrepresent what we are all about. First of all the Ceremony is perfectly safe. It is primarily symbolic. Was I at the Ceremony? Yes. Did you see me? You shouldn't have. I don't believe so. What I can tell you is once you've reached a certain level in the Order it is tradition for all males to shave their heads.

To those who would intentionally misrepresent us, there are forces in motion here that you cannot possibly comprehend. We are rooted in all aspects of society. This is how it's always been. Our members range from high-ranking officials of Government to CEOs, from professional athletes to network executives. Perhaps even your father's boss. This is your warning do not interfere. We do not wish to make enemies, only friends.

(The video cuts to static, then a logo)


  • His dark attire and sunglasses seem to become the look for new members of the Order as they begin to appear in the Breeniverse.
  • This video suggests for the first time that the Order is more then a religion and has great influence and addresses the case of mistaken identity of a bald member of the Order spotted in The Ceremony.