Where Are You?

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Flock Video 0026
Where Are You?

You can't be serious.

Blogger Cynthia
Date Posted July 5th, 2007
URL youtube.com
Description Alessandra, I'm really worried after you didn't come to the sleepover. I know you've been online because I saw your other video. Are you avoiding me? Have your parents said something?
YouTube Tags free decisions sleepover alessandra

Cynthia Jenna Altringham
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Where Are You? is the twenty-sixth video in the The Chosen Flock video series.


(A screen appears which indicates that this is a private video.)

Cynthia: Alessandra, where are you? I've been trying to contact you for two weeks now, and I'm really worried. After you didn't turn up to the sleepover, I was kind of worried, but Holly told me not to worry, because it was probably your parents found out or something. But, then you didn't contact me after I left one message, then another, and then another. I mean, if your parents have said something, then why are you still listening to them? They say about you've got free choices, and you keep telling me that they've given you free choices, but the time you make one decision for yourself, they land you with a babysitter. And sorry, an aptitude test! Since when was it free decisions to tell you what job you can and can't do? If you ask me then it's just-- (Cynthia's cell phone rings and she sighs, leans over, and turns it off.) Then again, why should you be listening to me? What was it your parents called me before you left? Oh yeah, a waste of time, and a distraction to you. Look, if you need somewhere to go, you can always come here, I mean my parents won't mind and-- (The cell phone rings again and this time she answers it.) What? No I haven't heard from her yet, have you? Look, there's nothing we can do, we've just got to wait until she calls us or something, but... what? ...No, no you don't. Look, if we do that then she's going to be taken away again. I know, I know but... you cannot do that, you can't be serious. ...No, no, just, just wa--, wai-- (The person on the phone hangs up. Cynthia sighs and closes her phone.) Look, I've got to go, I've got something to sort out. Just please, let me know if you're okay.


  • In this video, Cyn seems to have a tattoo on her right arm. The shape seems to be...oddly familiar...