Where Is Dan Thing?

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Brucker - Two
Where Is Dan Thing?

Don't do anything illegal!

Blogger Brucker
Date Posted February 5th, 2007
URL youtube.com
Description Hey, Daniel, there's a local base of operations I decided to check out. You may find this useful.


YouTube Tags danielbeast gemmers19 jonastko opaphid tachyon 10033 lonelygirl15 RIDDANCE LOSES IT ENTROPY HELPER
Executive Producer Brucker
Producer Brucker
Director Brucker
Writer Brucker
Camera Brucker
Uncredited Brucker
Thanks to Thomas Midgley, Jr.
Brucker is filmed before a live studio audience
Episode I Heed This Warning
Episode II Where Is Dan Thing?
Episode III Warn These Hiding!

Where Is Dan Thing? is the second video in the Brucker video series, posted in response to Breaking And Entering. Brucker offers a word of warning to Daniel.


(Orange letters appear on a black screen.)


(Cut to Brucker, sitting in his car in the dark wearing a cap.)

Brucker: Uh, Daniel I've uh...I got a lead that I... (Brucker gives an exasperated sigh, and is heard fumbling about in the darkness) Jeez, this thing is uncomfortable!

(Cut to the exterior of an office building. Music fades in as Brucker films himself entering the building. He walks down a hall and enters an elevator. Brucker turns the camera on himself, wearing sunglasses, but no cap.)

Brucker: I'm at the, uh... local headquarters of a...international religious order, and uh, no one's around...

(cut to an interior lobby)

Brucker: So I'm not sure what we're looking for, but it's bound to be around here somewhere.

(Brucker walks by a map on the wall, and scans the camera around the office, finally walking down a hall. He approaches a desk.)

Brucker: Yeah, I think this is it... (Brucker opens the desk and pulls out a plastic bag, holding it up in front of the window.)

Brucker: (mumbles) Drugs here...

(A still of Daniel from Breaking And Entering appears briefly, then cut back to Brucker walking down a hall.)

Brucker: Now, Daniel, if uh, if you were really thinking...you'd think to yourself, man...sneaking into a place...where I don't belong...stealing some medicinal supplies...eh, it seems like it might be sort of stupid. Might even maybe... (Brucker opens a door and walks into a more well-lit room with tables and chairs) ...well, it is...illegal, but, uh...I'll give you a word of advice about the difference between you and me. (Brucker approaches a refrigerator and takes out a bottle of orange juice, setting it on a table.) See... (He sits down and turns the camera on himself.) I work here. This stuff is mine. If you're gonna go and do something illegal...don't put it on video. (Brucker drinks from the bottle, which has his name written on it.)

(The music cuts out, and the video cuts to grainy footage from in front of the office building. There is a black plate near the front door, which beeps when Brucker puts his palm in front of it. He enters the bulding as words scroll on the screen)


(Cut to Brucker standing indoors in front of some Venetian blinds. He nods.)

Brucker: Stay safe.