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{{Unofficial blog
| name        = Yes, it's a REAL religion!
| number      = 0002
| image      = Lostgrl17 Real Religion.jpg
| caption    = The Hymn of One gives ''meaning'' to people's lives.
| blogger    = Lostgrl17
| date        = April 23, 2007
| url        = {{youtube|_whTHR76KNk}}
| description = Some people claim that the Hymn of One isn't a legitimate religion. What?!? I just had to respond!
| song        =
| tags        = {{tags|LG15|lonelygirl15|lonely|hymn|of|one|real|religion|ceremony}}
| cast        = {{FakeVidChar|lostgrl17{{!}}Li}}
| Previous    = A Video About Myself
| Next        = Yeah...
| PreviousB  = Hi I'm Li!
| NextB      = Beyond Myself
'''Yes, it's a REAL religion!''' is the second video in the [[Lostgrl17]] video series, a component of [[The Flock|The Chosen Flock]] Video Series.
'''Li:''' So tired.  This weekend was crazy busy.  There was studying and preparations and... it was just really overwhelming.  I am so tired, I wasn't even going to make a video today.  That is until I saw Bree's latest video.  Today, Bree posted a video saying that the Hymn of One is not a legitimate religion.  I don't know how she can say that.  I mean, she was raised in the religion.  Okay, so I'm going to tell you something about my religion that some of you might not know.  It's a real religion.  Her definition of a religion is one that has a higher purpose or meaning.  The Hymn of One gives ''meaning'' to people's lives.  It helps them out in ways you couldn't even imagine.  It fufills their lives.  If the Hymn of One was just a front for the Order... that tricked people into doing things, wouldn't Bree be doing the Ceremony right now?  The preperations... I just, I don't understand where she's coming from.  How she can say it's not a real religion.  It is.  It was her free will to not do the Ceremony.  It's my free will to be part of the religion.  I just wish that people would stop saying bad things about the religion.  Just... it brings good things into people's lives.  Why tear that down?
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