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Forum Etiquette, Rules, and Policies (updated)

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 06, 2007 11:50 am    Post subject: Forum Etiquette, Rules, and Policies (updated) Reply with quote

LG15.com has thousands of visitors, and while it’s difficult, we’re trying our best to keep the LG15 forum a friendly, productive place to be. So please take a moment to read these updated points before posting.

Be Friendly
This is the number one rule at this forum. We want this to be a friendly, happy place for people to discuss LG15 and all the fan fiction based on it. Insulting people or other mean comments have no place at this board. Before posting a message, take a moment and reflect whether yours the sort of comment you would make to one of your close friends. For example, if you notice someone has misspelled a word or made a mistake in their grammar, instead of posting a message in the thread pointing this out and perhaps embarrassing them, it is much more friendly to send them a PM to let them know.

We understand that the debates at this board are likely to get heated and on occasion an explicit may slip into your language. Heck, even the Internet’s sweet heart, Bree, has been known to swear on the rare occasion. But excessive or unnecessary swear will not be acceptable on this board. Use of swear words or any other derogatory comments to insult anyone is never acceptable, and all posts containing them will be deleted regardless of the rest of their content.

Mature Content
If you look at the videos on Revver.com you will quickly notice that they are all rated PG. We would like this board to have the same rating. But at the same time we understand that during your research you are likely to come across some subjects that may not be appropriate for all ages. When discussing such subjects please do not go into graphic details. Instead, if you feel such information is needed for your theory to make sense, provide a link to your source material. Please make sure to add a disclaimer to the link describing how the link may not be appropriate for all ages. This also holds true when discussing images. If there is an image (even if it is a screen shot from a video) which may not be PG material, please do not embed it in the thread. Instead link to it and include a disclaimer. Inappropriately mature or graphic content will be deleted.

Double Posting and Spam
We will keep this section short and sweet. Just please don’t do it. If after making a post you suddenly realize you forget a point, instead of posting again, just edit your original post. Also, try to make sure your post has something of a point to it. We understand getting excited and impatient for a video to get posted, but we would rather not see a hundred “Have you uploaded the vid yet, Cu?” style posts again.

Post Productively
We want everyone to feel they’re welcome to post their thoughts. However, posting to simply say “lol” or “I agree” or “J” does not typically move forward the conversation, and it can quickly turn an on-topic conversation into an overwhelming number of pages of barely related discussion. Feel free to PM a user if you enjoy the creativity or humor of their messages. Or reply and tell us all why you agree and your own personal thoughts. In short, think twice before posting a message to make sure you’re sharing something that people need to hear!

Starting a New Topic
Before starting a new topic, make sure a topic discussing your point doesn't already exist. A simple search (you can select to search by topic) should turn this up. If you are starting a new topic, make the title as descriptive as possible. Instead of "What about...", say something like "What about the theory that Bree's dad leads the Order?" This way, people will know if they should read this topic. State your opinion in the first post, but don't be aggressive. Let others express their own opinions, and don't be offended if they disagree.

Only use a poll if you're really asking what people think, and make the choices as clear and unbiased as possible. (Instead of saying "Is Bree being a wimp? a - yes b - no, because I'm a wimp", just say "yes" and "no".) If there's more than two or three choices, it's probably best not to make a poll, because people won't be able to find their option.

Bumping Threads
Do not bump threads (ie post in old threads for the sole purpose of moving them to the top of the list). Obviously, if an old topic of conversation becomes pertinent again, that's fine. However, bumping a thread for the sole purpose of attention or distraction will result in the bump post being deleted.

Disagreements: Attack the Argument, Not the Poster
With so many different theories being tossed about it is to be expected that people will start to debate with each other. We would just like to make sure everyone understands that it is fine to attack someone’s argument, to try and figure out where they are wrong, but it is never acceptable to attack, or insult the poster themselves. For example, “You’re stupid, your point is dumb” is not what we would like to see on this board, we would greatly prefer to see posts like “I disagree with your point because…”

Images: Avatars and Signatures
When embedding images in a thread please make sure they are not so big that they distort the thread. If you notice that is the case please resize the image you are linking to. We will also now be enforcing the rule that Avatars should be 80x80. Some variance may be acceptable, but if you receive a PM from a moderator asking you to shrink your avatar we would greatly appreciate it if you did so. Images in signatures will no longer be allowed -- if you have one, please remove it. If you are warned and you do not remove your graphic or resize it appropriately, it will be deleted.

Running Up Your Post Count
You may have noticed that users receive ranks based on the number of posts they have. While it’s fun to achieve new and higher ranks, we ask that you not post senseless and meaningless posts just to increase your post count. These clutter up the message board and can bring an on-topic conversation to a screeching halt. If you feel you must increase your post count, please go to the Off the Cuff or Get to Know Each Other sections where you can carry on a host of conversations.

Quoting in Your Reply
Using the Quote function is very important, especially if you’re replying to a post that may be on a different page than where your reply will appear. But please only quote the relevant material to which you’re replying. The Quote function allows nested quotes, and it’s easy to edit these out. Never include more than two or three nested quotes. These are extremely difficult to read and cause needless length to your reply. In addition, do not quote images. There’s no need to see the same image over and over again, and these increase page loading time as well as page length. If you want someone to know which image you’re commenting about, leave out the image and just post something like “picture of you and your dog”.

Moderators are chosen based on their loyalty to the show and the forum, their neutrality and open-mindedness, and their eagerness to contribute. All moderators are approved by The Creators, and they are all volunteers. Remember, a moderator is also a fan!

Public posts about moderator actions will not be tolerated and will be deleted. This is to preserve the respect and authority of a moderator. If you have a concern about a moderator's actions, contact the moderator. If you are not satisfied with their answer and feel an action is still inappropriate, please contact the Moderator Manager. He or she will review the moderator's actions against the moderator guidelines, consult with the forum administrator, and respond to the issue. If the issue is not handled satisfactorily, you may contact the forum administrator. If the forum administrator requires another ruling, he or she will contact The Creators.

Enforcement of These Rules
Most people already stick to these rules/policies, but on occasion you will see someone who is posting off-topic, aggressively, offensively, or even posting spam. If you are concerned about a user, please PM a moderator or admin and provide a link to the post that concerns you. If you are one of these users, you will be warned about your actions and your post will be deleted if it is deemed inappropriate. Depending on the level of offense, you will be given warnings. Repeat offenders may be banned, and no one wants that! (Note: spammers will be immediately banned.)

If you have any questions or concerns about any of these rules, or if you have a suggestion for an additional one you would like to see employed, please post below. Thank you for trying to abide by these rules; we hope they make this board into an even more enjoyable place to spend your time.
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