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[Chat Log] Chat in #Maddison 7/17/07

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 18, 2007 7:03 am    Post subject: [Chat Log] Chat in #Maddison 7/17/07 Reply with quote

This chat log has been trimmed for content:
The full chat log is here:http://www.acidfingers.com/hosted/amby0717.txt

[2007-07-17 15:25:01] -->| amblyopianne (n=amblyopi@unaffiliated/amblyopianne) has joined #maddison
[2007-07-17 15:25:01] <amblyopianne> hi
[2007-07-17 15:25:35] <acidfingers> Doing any fun interviews today?
[2007-07-17 15:25:45] <amblyopianne> nope - nothing planned
[2007-07-17 15:26:07] <amblyopianne> oh
[2007-07-17 15:26:16] <acidfingers> Did you watch the numerous videos that people made for you Clara?
[2007-07-17 15:26:28] <amblyopianne> i saw four of them.  are there more
[2007-07-17 15:26:37] <acidfingers> I think are only 4
[2007-07-17 15:26:40] <amblyopianne> they are great.
[2007-07-17 15:26:47] <amblyopianne> i also read the short summary too
[2007-07-17 15:27:11] <amblyopianne> i thought madison contacted you all in april - not march - am i wrong
[2007-07-17 15:27:28] <DTayl> we cleaned the forums a bit for you
[2007-07-17 15:27:37] <heyaja> april, yes
[2007-07-17 15:27:54] <amblyopianne> yes dtayl i saw that
[2007-07-17 15:28:41] <amblyopianne> i like the cleaning - i think it will help me - the videos did for sure
[2007-07-17 15:29:15] <heyaja> oh good
[2007-07-17 15:29:18] <amblyopianne> how did frady set up all those suess pages all over the country
[2007-07-17 15:29:33] <heyaja> we're not sure
[2007-07-17 15:29:37] <acidfingers> That is a very good question
[2007-07-17 15:29:39] <amblyopianne> thanks acid - my spirit must have been there to ask the questions
[2007-07-17 15:30:11] <amblyopianne> who is it that posted about me being killed?
[2007-07-17 15:30:23] <amblyopianne> why would you say something like that
[2007-07-17 15:30:26] <acidfingers> Clara, you were killed?!
[2007-07-17 15:30:57] <amblyopianne> i know that some of you dislike me.  whatever.  but that sucked.  it jarred me
[2007-07-17 15:31:05] <Perky^> beave did it dani
[2007-07-17 15:31:10] <krmurr01> Clara, I think people were a little bit put off by that one post and maybe a little angry
[2007-07-17 15:31:27] <acidfingers> Clara, I thought you set up a stool and everything for Joel
[2007-07-17 15:31:36] <amblyopianne> let me try and find it again
[2007-07-17 15:31:37] <amblyopianne> brb
[2007-07-17 15:34:39] <amblyopianne> cant find it... the forums all different
[2007-07-17 15:34:47] <Zoey> It's not on the forums.
[2007-07-17 15:34:53] <amblyopianne> do you have a link zoey
[2007-07-17 15:34:54] <acidfingers> You had the stool set up and everything, but then he was rolled in?
[2007-07-17 15:34:59] <BrookNYSE> oh yeah, its somewhere else
[2007-07-17 15:35:12] <Zoey> It's not all the way done yet, is that okay?
[2007-07-17 15:35:14] <amblyopianne> acid
[2007-07-17 15:35:14] <DTayl> i vote boy
[2007-07-17 15:35:16] <DTayl> bory*
[2007-07-17 15:35:19] <DTayl> call bory
[2007-07-17 15:35:21] <amblyopianne> im not sure what happened
[2007-07-17 15:35:31] <acidfingers> ummm, weren't you there?
[2007-07-17 15:35:33] <amblyopianne> i never saw them bring the dud in the room
[2007-07-17 15:35:44] <amblyopianne> it looks like he was wheeled in
[2007-07-17 15:35:51] <giddeanx> they just had you set up the camera and leave
[2007-07-17 15:35:56] <acidfingers> Wait, you weren't even in the room?
[2007-07-17 15:36:13] <amblyopianne> acid if you had watched the video closely - you could tell that i wasnt in the room with him
[2007-07-17 15:36:16] <giddeanx> no the officer wouldn't let it happen she couldn't even speak with him[2007-07-17 15:36:36] <acidfingers> you could have been behind the camera, no?
[2007-07-17 15:36:44] <amblyopianne> watch it again
[2007-07-17 15:36:49] <BrookNYSE> Clara, you couldnt hear him right, thats what they said
[2007-07-17 15:36:50] <krmurr01> the officer says "you can't be in here"
[2007-07-17 15:36:51] <giddeanx> there is a discussion at the begining of the vid
[2007-07-17 15:36:54] <DTayl> So what are other kids in your class stuck doing?
[2007-07-17 15:37:00] <DTayl> Is it all documentaries?
[2007-07-17 15:37:07] <amblyopianne> its not a class
[2007-07-17 15:37:21] <Zoey> It's not a class?  What is it?
[2007-07-17 15:37:31] <acidfingers> it's her thesis
[2007-07-17 15:37:33] <amblyopianne> most everyone else who opted a thesis finished theirs already
[2007-07-17 15:38:28] <amblyopianne> its kind of nice because i can keep the camera checked out... get mics and stuff
[2007-07-17 15:38:53] <acidfingers> Can you post some of the previous videos you've done for classes?
[2007-07-17 15:39:07] <amblyopianne> no - they suck
[2007-07-17 15:39:27] <amblyopianne> i worked on the summer features the last three summers - go buy those dvds
[2007-07-17 15:39:29] <acidfingers> awww, you don't want constructive criticism?
[2007-07-17 15:39:48] <amblyopianne> dont you want to learn how to pay attention to detail
[2007-07-17 15:39:59] <BrookNYSE> we do, so should you
[2007-07-17 15:40:17] <acidfingers> what are "the summer features"?
[2007-07-17 15:40:48] <amblyopianne> does it matter
[2007-07-17 15:40:52] <BrookNYSE> no
[2007-07-17 15:40:56] <BrookNYSE> moving on
[2007-07-17 15:41:18] <giddeanx> Clara did you check out maddison's apartment yer?
[2007-07-17 15:41:27] <amblyopianne> no gidd
[2007-07-17 15:41:56] <giddeanx> do you plan too
[2007-07-17 15:42:22] <amblyopianne> um i didnt plan to   why should i
[2007-07-17 15:42:29] <amblyopianne> what if i see her mom
[2007-07-17 15:42:48] <giddeanx> then say hello
[2007-07-17 15:42:52] <krmurr01> you can't be scared to interview people you just have to take it as it comes
[2007-07-17 15:42:54] <acidfingers> ask her how maddison's death effected her
[2007-07-17 15:42:59] <acidfingers> affected*, sorry
[2007-07-17 15:43:17] <amblyopianne> somebody told me it would be nice to have b roll of it
[2007-07-17 15:43:32] <BrookNYSE> you need to check the apartment
[2007-07-17 15:43:35] <heyaja> jenni said it would be good footage to have clara
[2007-07-17 15:43:38] <giddeanx> it would be it sort of where the whole story happened
[2007-07-17 15:44:35] <amblyopianne> maybe
[2007-07-17 15:44:39] <BrookNYSE> phooey I gtg in a few
[2007-07-17 15:44:59] <amblyopianne> me too
[2007-07-17 15:45:23] <amblyopianne> I guess it would be ok to have the footage of her apartment
[2007-07-17 15:45:28] <acidfingers> Clara, did you see the video of maddison being killed?
[2007-07-17 15:45:44] <amblyopianne> ive watched most of madisons vids
[2007-07-17 15:46:11] <heyaja> clara, did you watch the warpylol video too?
[2007-07-17 15:46:16] <acidfingers> Did you notice that Joel looks significantly older than the killer in the last video from maddison?
[2007-07-17 15:46:31] <amblyopianne> nope  it looks like the same guy to me
[2007-07-17 15:46:54] <modelmotion> they look pretty similar but the mannerism are different
[2007-07-17 15:47:02] <amblyopianne> not to me
[2007-07-17 15:48:19] <giddeanx> clara strange question i know how protective of the cameras is your college
[2007-07-17 15:48:21] <BrookNYSE> oh ur talking via pm's
[2007-07-17 15:49:06] <giddeanx> do you have an idea why they would let maddison keep hers for so long
[2007-07-17 15:49:06] <amblyopianne> what now
[2007-07-17 15:49:16] <amblyopianne> i was doing something else ... sorry
[2007-07-17 15:49:23] <acidfingers> Who are you interviewing next?
[2007-07-17 15:49:31] <giddeanx> clara how protective of thier cameras is the colege
[2007-07-17 15:49:46] <giddeanx> do you have an idea why they would let maddison keep hers for so long
[2007-07-17 15:49:56] <BrookNYSE> do we know that she kept the camara for that long, or could she have used ehr own as well?
[2007-07-17 15:50:04] <amblyopianne> because arscott is my adviser - i kind of have free reign during the summer
[2007-07-17 15:50:23] <giddeanx> she kept stating she was suprised they didnt want thier camera back
[2007-07-17 15:50:43] <amblyopianne> i dont know how they got the camera - they let students check gear out for projects
[2007-07-17 15:51:09] <giddeanx> how protective of it are the do they just let it out for long periods?
[2007-07-17 15:51:30] <krmurr01> I still think that you should check in w/ adam
[2007-07-17 15:51:30] <amblyopianne> usually you mark a date - no more than 48 hours
[2007-07-17 15:52:02] <giddeanx> she only would have set it up for a couple of days at first I wonder if there is any record of it
[2007-07-17 15:52:04] <modelmotion> you said you might have a discussion with your advisor about trying to narrow the scope of your thesis.....can you tell us anything about how you are thinking that could be done
[2007-07-17 15:52:47] <amblyopianne> adams family lives out of state
[2007-07-17 15:52:56] <Zoey> what about his gf, emily?
[2007-07-17 15:53:08] <amblyopianne> arscott tried to call them but they weren't available for comments or interviews
[2007-07-17 15:53:30] <giddeanx> could you interview Maddison's advisor?  I am not sure what you would get but...
[2007-07-17 15:53:42] <amblyopianne> oh yeah - i know emily - she has his dog - i wonder if shes around this summer
[2007-07-17 15:54:46] <amblyopianne> who was maddisons adviser
[2007-07-17 15:54:58] <modelmotion> good question
[2007-07-17 15:55:02] <giddeanx> i don't know who assigned her project
[2007-07-17 15:55:16] <amblyopianne> her newscast project
[2007-07-17 15:55:35] <amblyopianne> thats from a communications class - i had to take that too
[2007-07-17 15:55:37] <Zoey> http://www.lonelygirl15.com/lgpedia/index.php?title=Everything_You_Need_To_Know_About_Maddison_Atkins#Summary if you need it again.
[2007-07-17 15:55:52] <amblyopianne> i say that - its like a wiki.   right?
[2007-07-17 15:55:59] <amblyopianne> saw
[2007-07-17 15:56:08] <Zoey> Yes.  We just made a page summarizing what happened iwth Maddison
[2007-07-17 15:56:11] <Zoey> I think you might find it helpful.
[2007-07-17 15:56:12] <amblyopianne> mistakes are made when i try to type fast
[2007-07-17 15:56:28] <amblyopianne> ill check that out more thoroughly when im up to it
[2007-07-17 15:56:33] <Zoey> okay :)
[2007-07-17 15:56:40] <giddeanx> Arscott is your advisor do you have an idea who her communications advisor is or the teacher of that class
[2007-07-17 15:57:03] <krmurr01> so anyways we all made some good suggestions...going to maddisons apartment if anything to get some good stock footage, and maybe interviewing Emily
[2007-07-17 15:57:05] <amblyopianne> no - i dont know who teaches it now
[2007-07-17 15:57:19] <amblyopianne> journalism department...  i think
[2007-07-17 15:57:26] <krmurr01>  i'm sure you could ask your advisor he would know
[2007-07-17 15:57:32] <amblyopianne> ok
[2007-07-17 15:58:06] <amblyopianne> hey - if I go to Maddisons place
[2007-07-17 15:58:12] <amblyopianne> what do you guys want me to shoot
[2007-07-17 15:58:37] <Wind_walker> only if it's with video, and not bullets(yes I know, it's a bad joke)
[2007-07-17 15:58:47] <amblyopianne> right
[2007-07-17 15:59:03] <giddeanx> general conditions, war nook, computer, anything that stands out
[2007-07-17 15:59:10] <amblyopianne> ok
[2007-07-17 15:59:29] <DTayl> go to the trailer
[2007-07-17 15:59:30] <krmurr01> if it's still there
[2007-07-17 15:59:45] <modelmotion> there might be something on the whiteboard so i would get a shot of that
[2007-07-17 16:00:00] <amblyopianne> what trailer
[2007-07-17 16:00:13] <krmurr01> even if it looks like nothing shoot it, it may be something to us
[2007-07-17 16:00:20] <giddeanx> they are talking about the murder scene
[2007-07-17 16:00:23] <DTayl> the one maddy got shoot outside of
[2007-07-17 16:00:54] <amblyopianne> the trailer isnt anywhere around here
[2007-07-17 16:01:46] <giddeanx> clara are you getting any sense that things are not jibing
[2007-07-17 16:02:08] <giddeanx> i saw you mentioned the drops
[2007-07-17 16:03:18] <amblyopianne> sort of gid - but not really at the same time
[2007-07-17 16:03:41] <giddeanx> what are your unanswered questions?
[2007-07-17 16:04:08] <amblyopianne> I dont have any really
[2007-07-17 16:05:11] <amblyopianne> ive said it before.  this all seems fairly simple.  i know we see it differently
[2007-07-17 16:05:11] <immortal1> I don't know much about thesis' (thesi ?)  but aren't you supposed to form a hypothesis then set out to prove or disprove it?
[2007-07-17 16:05:49] <amblyopianne> i guess immortal1.  ive never made a thesis before
[2007-07-17 16:05:56] <krmurr01> WHAT
[2007-07-17 16:05:59] <amblyopianne> im just doing what my adviser says
[2007-07-17 16:06:07] <Zoey> You never had to write a thesis paper before?  How did you get through high school?? College??
[2007-07-17 16:06:11] <Perky^> your advisor isn't being particularly helpful
[2007-07-17 16:06:17] <Perky^> might want to request a new one
[2007-07-17 16:06:21] <Perky^> if you don't know how a thesis works
[2007-07-17 16:06:24] <Zoey> Okay Clara, a thesis is about making a statement and then using evidence to support that thesis.
[2007-07-17 16:06:35] <krmurr01> seriously someones going to have to hold me back soon I'm soo ready to blow up OOC
[2007-07-17 16:06:36] <Zoey> You need to find a statement that you want to prove or disproove.
[2007-07-17 16:06:54] <Zoey> What are the effects of Maddison's death on the town is not something to PROVE.
[2007-07-17 16:06:57] <Zoey> What would you like to PROVE?
[2007-07-17 16:07:30] <krmurr01> well she's got to think a lil bit about the TOPIC
[2007-07-17 16:07:33] <Zoey> But to do that, she'll need to have some focus in her interviewing.
[2007-07-17 16:07:37] <amblyopianne> i sat down with him a week or so ago
[2007-07-17 16:07:55] <Opington> what did he say?
[2007-07-17 16:07:56] <amblyopianne> he told me that maddison and adam would be a good documentary thesis project
[2007-07-17 16:08:05] <amblyopianne> he told me to make a thesis statement
[2007-07-17 16:08:07] <amblyopianne> i did
[2007-07-17 16:08:13] <Zoey> What is your thesis statement?
[2007-07-17 16:08:24] <Perky^> have you ever watched a documentary before?
[2007-07-17 16:08:28] <amblyopianne> the video i made
[2007-07-17 16:08:30] <Perky^> i mean... usually they put forward some kind of argument
[2007-07-17 16:08:34] <Perky^> or point
[2007-07-17 16:08:39] <amblyopianne> sometimes - but sometimes not
[2007-07-17 16:08:41] <Zoey> If you had to sum it up in one sentence, what is the point you are trying to prove with the thesis?
[2007-07-17 16:08:46] <amblyopianne> sometimes they just document stuff
[2007-07-17 16:08:52] <heyaja> how have their deaths affected the community is NOT a thesis statement
[2007-07-17 16:08:53] <Zoey> Just one sentence, not a video's worth.  Just one sentence?
[2007-07-17 16:08:55] <giddeanx> calm down
[2007-07-17 16:09:09] <amblyopianne> im exploring the effects that the murders had on nac sfa and you guys
[2007-07-17 16:09:21] <Zoey> Okay well, exploring and proving arent the same thing though.
[2007-07-17 16:09:33] <Zoey> We know what you are EXPLORING but what are you PROVING?
[2007-07-17 16:09:55] <amblyopianne> i dunno - i didn't know i had done it wrong till just now
[2007-07-17 16:10:04] <Zoey> Okay well maybe you should try to think about something you'd like to prove
[2007-07-17 16:10:10] <Zoey> Because to make a successful thesis
[2007-07-17 16:10:12] <Zoey> You need to prove something.
[2007-07-17 16:10:20] <Zoey> Or disprove something
[2007-07-17 16:10:27] <amblyopianne> ok.  i guess
[2007-07-17 16:10:32] <krmurr01> well what I gathered from you is that you want this to be over as quick as possible we're just trying to help that
[2007-07-17 16:10:34] <Opington> have you talked to your adviser scince he gave you your topic?
[2007-07-17 16:10:43] <amblyopianne> ok krmurr
[2007-07-17 16:10:57] <amblyopianne> no - we have a meeting this week
[2007-07-17 16:11:00] <amblyopianne> not sure when
[2007-07-17 16:11:08] <Zoey> You might want to talk to him about figuring out what yuo're trying to prove.
[2007-07-17 16:11:10] <amblyopianne> ive emailed him but i havent heard back from him
[2007-07-17 16:11:20] <Zoey> It will make it a lot easier to focus your questions in your interviews if you have a specific reason for asking them.
[2007-07-17 16:11:32] <Perky^> you might want to request a tuition refund for wasting your time not educating you
[2007-07-17 16:11:41] <giddeanx> clara did you hear about maddison at all before arscott brought it up
[2007-07-17 16:12:15] <Zoey> She said they had had mutual friends, right?
[2007-07-17 16:12:23] <amblyopianne> ill get on that perky
[2007-07-17 16:12:30] <amblyopianne> sure gid
[2007-07-17 16:12:33] <amblyopianne> everyone did
[2007-07-17 16:12:43] <immortal1> I mean think about it- how can anyone's death effect anyone else in any way but adversely?
[2007-07-17 16:12:45] <Zoey> How did you hear about it if the local news media wasnt covering it?
[2007-07-17 16:12:52] <acidfingers> Clara, when are you going to interview Davies?
[2007-07-17 16:13:03] <amblyopianne> the local news media was covering it
[2007-07-17 16:13:05] <krmurr01> Good point immortal very very good point
[2007-07-17 16:13:17] <Perky^> clara are you actually going to interview anyone in the community?
[2007-07-17 16:13:47] <immortal1> I mean if your neightbor's dog died- you'd expect them to be adversely effected.  you wouldn't write a paper on it.
[2007-07-17 16:14:02] <Zoey> I thought when you interviewed Adam Lamar he said that the story wasnt really covered?  Am I mistaken?
[2007-07-17 16:14:15] <Perky^> yeah clara what kind of sociology classes have you had? you haven't studied the effects of mortality or anything to get an idea of how to approach these people?
[2007-07-17 16:14:22] <amblyopianne> how come nobodys offended that you are comparing these deaths to those of a neighborhood dog - you sound just as insensitive as me
[2007-07-17 16:14:51] <amblyopianne> no zoey you aren't mistaken
[2007-07-17 16:15:00] <amblyopianne> Adam works for the school newspaper
[2007-07-17 16:15:10] <amblyopianne> they dont print in the summer
[2007-07-17 16:15:10] <Zoey> The local media was covering it, just not the school media?
[2007-07-17 16:15:44] <DTayl> i think you should pursue that needle story
[2007-07-17 16:15:45] <amblyopianne> right
[2007-07-17 16:16:00] <Perky^> needle story ftw
[2007-07-17 16:16:01] <Zoey> That seems very weird.
[2007-07-17 16:16:07] <DTayl> i mean, how much weird stuff can happen in such a small place and it nooot be related
[2007-07-17 16:16:20] <DTayl> i lived in a small town, i'm fairly sure everyone is related... and inbred.
[2007-07-17 16:16:20] <amblyopianne> you guys can if you want.  i think it has nothing to do with maddison
[2007-07-17 16:16:40] <Zoey> Campus news media is usually the first place to cover an on campus story since they are more localized and the stories on campus are more directed towards the campus audience.
[2007-07-17 16:17:16] <Zoey> And if the local news was covering it, I dont understand why the campus news would be afraid of doing so.
[2007-07-17 16:17:20] <amblyopianne> true zoey - which is why i wanted to interview adam - adam said in his interview that his hands were tied because they weren't prinint
[2007-07-17 16:17:23] <Zoey> Its not like they were the only ones getting the story out there.
[2007-07-17 16:17:24] <acidfingers> Clara, have you scheduled an interview with John Davies?
[2007-07-17 16:17:52] <amblyopianne> john davies is tough to track down
[2007-07-17 16:17:53] <krmurr01> Oh really you wanted to interview adam? i thought your advisor told you to? doesn't really seem like you want to do much of anything
[2007-07-17 16:18:04] <DTayl> your really lazy, get on it
[2007-07-17 16:18:06] <krmurr01> I'm so done with this
[2007-07-17 16:18:15] <Zoey> What about on the school's website?  websites cover news all year long.
[2007-07-17 16:18:19] <acidfingers> Well I think he would bring a wealth of information to your research
[2007-07-17 16:18:35] <amblyopianne> ok - look
[2007-07-17 16:18:37] <amblyopianne> im sorry
[2007-07-17 16:18:54] <amblyopianne> i dont have the passion for this you do
[2007-07-17 16:19:00] <amblyopianne> i admit it
[2007-07-17 16:19:09] <amblyopianne> i will go to maddisons apartment
[2007-07-17 16:19:12] <Zoey> And if it's a story that the local news is interested in, the campus website would most likely make an effort to get it posted because they are the first ones who are looked towarrds for a statement.
[2007-07-17 16:19:14] <amblyopianne> ill do it today
[2007-07-17 16:19:20] <amblyopianne> will that get you guys off my back
[2007-07-17 16:19:54] <Zoey> Clara, we're not trying to jump down your back.  You are the one doing this project though, we are trying to help you.  If you aren't interested in the project perhaps you should find something else more suited to your tastes?
[2007-07-17 16:19:58] <immortal1> it's not passion you need it's compassion
[2007-07-17 16:20:19] <acidfingers> business major
[2007-07-17 16:20:30] <amblyopianne> im not changing my major
[2007-07-17 16:20:38] <amblyopianne> this is the last thing i have to do to graduate
[2007-07-17 16:20:57] <Zoey> You dont have to change your major, but if you dont like the topic you should change the topic.  This is a very emotional story for everyone involved and unless you care enough to do it justice, maybe it's not the story for you?
[2007-07-17 16:20:58] <amblyopianne> immortal1 . you should make a tshirt
[2007-07-17 16:21:12] <amblyopianne> maybe zoey
[2007-07-17 16:21:34] <Zoey> A journalist needs to have passon for what they are doing or they wont be able to tell a compelling story.
[2007-07-17 16:21:37] <amblyopianne> but  if i change now - then ive lost this entire week
[2007-07-17 16:21:48] <Zoey> Well, perhaps find a different way to look at this?
[2007-07-17 16:22:06] <Zoey> Perhaps look at it as a chance to tell a compelling story.  Or a chance to investigate murders?  Find an angle that appeals to you
[2007-07-17 16:22:09] <giddeanx> you have plenty of footage no need to scrap it
[2007-07-17 16:22:35] <giddeanx> does it have to be a thesis or could it be like an untold story
[2007-07-17 16:22:51] <Zoey> What made you interested in journalism in the first place?  Why chose that major? What makes you want to do it? Find a way to translate this project into your passions for journalism in general?
[2007-07-17 16:22:58] <Zoey> choose*
[2007-07-17 16:23:15] <amblyopianne> im not interested in journalism - im not sure where you got that
[2007-07-17 16:23:31] <acidfingers> I'd recommend finding your focus on this thesis. You have no focus nor any idea what you're trying to prove. If you gain that focus the research will be much easier and produce a better result
[2007-07-17 16:24:03] <Zoey> What makes you excited?  What makes you want to get up in the morning?  What makes you happy?  What gets you interested?  it will be easier to relate to you if we can understand where YOU are coming from.
[2007-07-17 16:24:08] <acidfingers> if you lollygag around, you'll produce poop, which nets a grade of F
[2007-07-17 16:24:17] <amblyopianne> ok - maybe i could disprove ya'll's silly theory about this huge conspiracy[2007-07-17 16:24:30] <giddeanx> now that would be interesting
[2007-07-17 16:24:37] <acidfingers> That would actually be an engaging thesis
[2007-07-17 16:24:39] <Zoey> Haha well, at least that would be a good thesis :)
2007-07-17 16:24:53] <modelmotion> i dare u to disprove it
[2007-07-17 16:24:53] <modelmotion> double dare you
[2007-07-17 16:24:57] <Perky^> at least it's a thesis?
[2007-07-17 16:25:00] <Zoey> But Clara, seriously.  Can you tell us a little more about what you are passionate about?
[2007-07-17 16:25:25] <amblyopianne> seriously zoey - its none of your business
[2007-07-17 16:25:38] <Zoey> How are we going to relate to you if we dont know where you are coming from?
[2007-07-17 16:25:59] <amblyopianne> why do you need to relate to me
[2007-07-17 16:26:07] <Perky^> you asked for our help
[2007-07-17 16:26:09] <Zoey> You say you dont share our passions, but how are we going to understand YOUR passions if you dont try to help us out.
[2007-07-17 16:26:15] <Perky^> would help if we had a clue what you needed
[2007-07-17 16:26:23] <Perky^> and why we SHOULD help
[2007-07-17 16:26:30] <amblyopianne> i still dont see the point
[2007-07-17 16:26:37] <Zoey> Because we are trying to help you and if we dont know where you are coming from then it will be harder to get to make this work
[2007-07-17 16:26:44] <heyaja> clara, I think trying to disprove us is an excellent thesis topic
[2007-07-17 16:26:54] <heyaja> at least it has a concrete focus
[2007-07-17 16:26:57] <amblyopianne> im game
[2007-07-17 16:26:58] <KennyE> I agree wit aja
[2007-07-17 16:26:59] <giddeanx> i agree disprove our topic
[2007-07-17 16:27:11] <acidfingers> enjoy your F
[2007-07-17 16:27:35] <KennyE> acid I am sure this isn't a matter of an F
[2007-07-17 16:27:38] <Perky^> no she's doing something, she'll get at least a D
[2007-07-17 16:27:41] <KennyE> a F*
[2007-07-17 16:27:42] <Perky^> for effort
[2007-07-17 16:28:01] <acidfingers> You can either change your thesis to something engaging, or enjoy your D
[2007-07-17 16:28:08] <amblyopianne> All I need is a D
[2007-07-17 16:28:12] <Zoey> D is not passing..
[2007-07-17 16:28:14] <Zoey> C is passing.
[2007-07-17 16:28:15] <Perky^> well then i'd say you've succeeded
[2007-07-17 16:28:24] <Perky^> couple more interviews, you should have enough for a D
[2007-07-17 16:28:25] <amblyopianne> thats true - in major - C
[2007-07-17 16:28:29] <amblyopianne> I need a C
[2007-07-17 16:28:33] <acidfingers> yeah usually it's C or higher for classes in your major
[2007-07-17 16:28:42] <Perky^> log the chats and prove you've talked to the community
[2007-07-17 16:28:46] <Perky^> that should be enough for a C
[2007-07-17 16:29:04] <heyaja> clara just said a minute ago that she's game from proving us wrong
[2007-07-17 16:29:10] <heyaja> or did I read that incorrectly clara?
[2007-07-17 16:29:29] <heyaja> now, I think we can ALL agree that proving us wrong is a much more interesting thesis topic than what she's been working on
[2007-07-17 16:29:36] <amblyopianne> no - if thats what it takes to make my thesis clear - then I am up for that
[2007-07-17 16:29:49] <heyaja> it's a solid focus
[2007-07-17 16:30:01] <heyaja> proving the "conspiracy theories" wrong
[2007-07-17 16:30:57] <acidfingers> she can still use some footage from Joel
[2007-07-17 16:31:08] <heyaja> yes, the footage is good
[2007-07-17 16:31:15] <KennyE> she may need more
[2007-07-17 16:32:43] <immortal1> Maddison and Adam's final days played out on video revealing what some feel to be a larger conspiracy- this thesis will show there is no conspiracy.
[2007-07-17 16:32:57] <immortal1> Put that on a tshirt.
[2007-07-17 16:33:23] <amblyopianne> done - Copy and paste
[2007-07-17 16:33:34] <acidfingers> oh Clara, that puzzle we were working on yesterday, we solved most of it: http://www.lonelygirl15.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=450299
[2007-07-17 16:33:41] <amblyopianne> yeah
[2007-07-17 16:33:48] <amblyopianne> the one from that guy
[2007-07-17 16:33:50] <amblyopianne> link
[2007-07-17 16:34:03] <acidfingers> I just posted the link
[2007-07-17 16:34:15] <acidfingers> oh, you mean the guy who's name is linc
[2007-07-17 16:34:16] <amblyopianne> he's link.  right
[2007-07-17 16:34:22] <acidfingers> I think it's linc, not link
[2007-07-17 16:34:27] <amblyopianne> sorry
[2007-07-17 16:34:36] <amblyopianne> ummmmmm   this is confusing
[2007-07-17 16:34:37] <acidfingers> don't apologize to me, apologize to linc
[2007-07-17 16:34:46] <amblyopianne> is it rude to ask for someone to explain it
[2007-07-17 16:34:53] <giddeanx> why is this being discussed here?
[2007-07-17 16:34:54] <acidfingers> nah, it's not rude
[2007-07-17 16:34:55] <amblyopianne> is he here
[2007-07-17 16:34:57] <DTayl> why not
[2007-07-17 16:35:03] <DTayl> she wants to know about the community
[2007-07-17 16:35:05] <acidfingers> no, linc isn't on at the moment
[2007-07-17 16:35:15] <Perky^> no but clara was here when we tried to figure it out before
[2007-07-17 16:35:17] <amblyopianne> what is it that happened to him
[2007-07-17 16:35:20] <heyaja> guys, is linc relevant right now?
[2007-07-17 16:35:20] <Perky^> maybe she's interested in the puzzle
[2007-07-17 16:35:23] <KennyE> because this isn't the linc room
[2007-07-17 16:35:46] <acidfingers> didn't linc try to stop the killer who killed maddison and adam?
[2007-07-17 16:35:46] <DTayl> Kenny
[2007-07-17 16:35:52] <acidfingers> but he didn't get there in time
[2007-07-17 16:35:54] <DTayl> Linc was involved with Maddy
[2007-07-17 16:36:00] <KennyE> not officially
[2007-07-17 16:36:01] <acidfingers> I'd say that's relevant
[2007-07-17 16:36:02] <Iris2009> Yes linc was.
[2007-07-17 16:36:09] <heyaja> yes he was... then.
[2007-07-17 16:36:11] <DTayl> Kenny, details matter.
[2007-07-17 16:36:16] <amblyopianne> he said he knew her
[2007-07-17 16:36:21] <KennyE> w/e
[2007-07-17 16:36:22] <heyaja> sorry, but I don't see how a music mashup puzzle matters right now
[2007-07-17 16:36:23] <DTayl> He was trying to save her
[2007-07-17 16:36:28] <DTayl> you should interview him
[2007-07-17 16:36:41] <KennyE> now you want to be helpful, dani?
[2007-07-17 16:36:48] <amblyopianne> is he part of ya'lls conspiracy theory
[2007-07-17 16:36:54] <acidfingers> yes he is
[2007-07-17 16:36:58] <giddeanx> no
[2007-07-17 16:37:05] <acidfingers> and it's not a coinspiracy theory, it's a theory!
[2007-07-17 16:37:09] <Perky^> we don't know yet clara
[2007-07-17 16:37:12] <amblyopianne> lol  sorry
[2007-07-17 16:37:14] <DTayl> i'm curious about who stole my kill kenny
[2007-07-17 16:37:15] <Perky^> maybe the puzzles will all fit together
[2007-07-17 16:37:19] <Zoey> Clara, do you understand what the conspiracy theory is?  Yuo should understand it if you want to disprove it...
[2007-07-17 16:37:28] <amblyopianne> i dont
[2007-07-17 16:37:30] <amblyopianne> honestly
[2007-07-17 16:37:36] <KennyE> well why don't you do us both a favor and kill him then, hmm?
[2007-07-17 16:37:53] <KennyE> then we would end the discussion in here, and you would get him back for stealing your kill.
[2007-07-17 16:38:21] <acidfingers> so Clara, we called the number that was calling Linc. Recorded the message and identified 5 songs in the message
[2007-07-17 16:38:26] <heyaja> how about we explain to clara the conspiracy theory?
[2007-07-17 16:38:32] <acidfingers> those are all listed on the forum post
[2007-07-17 16:38:35] <amblyopianne> right
[2007-07-17 16:38:40] <amblyopianne> i called it too
[2007-07-17 16:38:46] <acidfingers> Each song had a number in either the song title or artist name
[2007-07-17 16:39:03] <acidfingers> So now we have a bunch of numbers, but no idea what context the numbers should be used in
[2007-07-17 16:39:04] <amblyopianne> 3rd eye blind - ok
[2007-07-17 16:39:32] <amblyopianne> what numbers
[2007-07-17 16:40:05] <acidfingers> yeah, the order was Stars - Heart; Beethooven - 5th Symphany; Young Black Teenagers - Plead the Fifth; Third Eye Blind - Jumper; Fischerspooner - The 15th
[2007-07-17 16:40:31] <acidfingers> so the numbers are 5, 5, 3, 15
[2007-07-17 16:40:40] <krmurr> ok i had to take a walk and calm down i'm just going to lurk inhere for awhile
[2007-07-17 16:40:44] <amblyopianne> where is the number in star
[2007-07-17 16:41:00] <DTayl> we think heart may mean  <#
[2007-07-17 16:41:01] <DTayl> <3
[2007-07-17 16:41:03] <DTayl> damn i lose
[2007-07-17 16:41:13] <Unknown6> Maddison is fine, im sure.
[2007-07-17 16:41:17] <acidfingers> No one is sure of that yet. It could be 's' for Stars, 'h' for heart, <3 for heart, or * for star
[2007-07-17 16:42:03] <acidfingers> there's a voice clip in the beginning and end of the message too, the beginning one says "put me together" and the end one says "I'll never be whole"
[2007-07-17 16:42:06] <heyaja> So I hate to be miss party pooper here, but IMO I think we should be focusing on helping Clara get her new thesis topic rolling instead of going over this puzzle that has NOTHING to do with maddison.  Maybe that's just me.
[2007-07-17 16:42:38] <acidfingers> Alright alright
[2007-07-17 16:42:43] <Perky^> do you know it has nothing to do with maddison? 'cause i'm not convinced of it
[2007-07-17 16:42:49] <amblyopianne> put the numbers together?
[2007-07-17 16:43:05] <Perky^> linc tried to save maddison... now he's being stalked while clara is digging into what happened
[2007-07-17 16:43:09] <Perky^> seems connected to me
[2007-07-17 16:43:21] <acidfingers> like, are they a pin number? a phone number? a safety deposit box? a URL?
[2007-07-17 16:43:23] <DTayl> me too
[2007-07-17 16:43:29] <DTayl> hes a part of the community
[2007-07-17 16:43:41] <heyaja> no, but I'm not convinced that grady's eye blinking was morse code either, but at least that's something that clara might be able to help us out with
[2007-07-17 16:43:43] <amblyopianne> What does I'll never be whole mean
[2007-07-17 16:43:50] <acidfingers> no one is sure
[2007-07-17 16:44:01] <acidfingers> I believe that's the clue as to what the numbers should be used for
[2007-07-17 16:44:05] <Perky^> so maybe if clara is interested in linc's puzzle we can find a way to get her interested in maddison's story
[2007-07-17 16:44:15] <Perky^> since that's everyone's major bitch, that clara isn't interested enough
[2007-07-17 16:44:45] <amblyopianne> wow
[2007-07-17 16:44:48] <Zoey> Clara, are you interested in solving puzzles?  Do you like to do that sort of thing?
[2007-07-17 16:44:48] <KennyE> but getting her interested in something completely irrelevant doesn't solve anything
[2007-07-17 16:45:12] <amblyopianne> is that the end of the puzzle solve
[2007-07-17 16:45:22] <Perky^> prove to me right now that it's irrelevant and i won't bring it up again
[2007-07-17 16:45:22] <acidfingers> we're not quite finished Clara
[2007-07-17 16:45:23] <DTayl> not yet
[2007-07-17 16:45:30] <acidfingers> We have the pieces, just need to put them all together
[2007-07-17 16:45:34] <KennyE> How about you do the same perky
[2007-07-17 16:45:38] <KennyE> prove its relevant
[2007-07-17 16:45:48] <amblyopianne> or not put them together
[2007-07-17 16:45:48] <acidfingers> I'm hoping that next time Linc comes online, we can tell him what we've got and see if he recognizes anything
[2007-07-17 16:45:51] <Perky^> i believe i made enough of a contention that it is, in fact relevant
[2007-07-17 16:45:57] <KennyE> Prove it is anything more than wishful thinkign on your park
[2007-07-17 16:45:58] <Perky^> or at least, potentially relevant
[2007-07-17 16:45:59] <KennyE> part
[2007-07-17 16:46:29] <immortal1> isn't a "whole number" a math thing?
[2007-07-17 16:46:42] <acidfingers> yes, but all of the numbers listed are whole
[2007-07-17 16:47:01] <giddeanx> keep working on the puzzles acid
[2007-07-17 16:47:08] <Perky^> do you have any suggestions that we may have missed on how the numbers could fit together clara?
[2007-07-17 16:47:22] <acidfingers> I can't continue, my state of mind won't bne productive
[2007-07-17 16:47:33] <giddeanx> clara have you tried to piece together the zipp puzzle
[2007-07-17 16:47:40] <acidfingers> In a situation like this, it's better to step back for a while and come back into the puzzle with a fresh set of eyes
[2007-07-17 16:47:50] <giddeanx> i know that is relevent and if you like puzzles
[2007-07-17 16:49:33] <giddeanx> clara you still there?
[2007-07-17 16:50:04] <Opington> Clara, you still here.
[2007-07-17 16:54:52] <amblyopianne> hold on
[2007-07-17 16:54:59] <modelmotion> kk
[2007-07-17 16:55:01] <heyaja> she's still on
[2007-07-17 16:55:05] <DeviantMetztli> I meant clara?? as in hoping shed answer =P
[2007-07-17 16:56:03] <DeviantMetztli> I do think maddisons apt is key
[2007-07-17 16:56:07] <modelmotion> just remember we have a guest in the room
[2007-07-17 16:56:08] <amblyopianne> sorry - i was chatting with aja - and i can't do both at once
[2007-07-17 16:56:12] <amblyopianne> not fast enough
[2007-07-17 16:56:47] <amblyopianne> ok - now what do you want
[2007-07-17 16:57:16] <modelmotion> well whats next the apartment
[2007-07-17 16:57:24] <modelmotion> and then the meeting with the advisor
[2007-07-17 16:57:45] <acidfingers> Clara, I would recommend you make a visit to Maddison's place, and then next time you talk to your advisor, ask him about changing your thesis
[2007-07-17 16:58:02] <acidfingers> Don't want to go changing your research without consulting him
[2007-07-17 16:58:50] <amblyopianne> ok acid.  i can do that.  ill go to madisons place today
[2007-07-17 16:58:55] <acidfingers> disproving the "conspiracy theories" surrounding Maddison's death
[2007-07-17 16:59:18] <amblyopianne> what happened to the puzzle thing you all were doing
[2007-07-17 16:59:20] <acidfingers> oh, and keep trying to get a hold of the attorney
[2007-07-17 16:59:31] <acidfingers> Well, we're stuck at the moment
[2007-07-17 16:59:36] <amblyopianne> i have like 200 calls into the da
[2007-07-17 16:59:37] <Zoey> I would also read the links we provided and make sure you understand what happened and what exactly "conspiracy theories" you are trying to disprove, so you can have a good grasp on it.
[2007-07-17 16:59:55] <amblyopianne> that'll be easy
[2007-07-17 17:00:00] <acidfingers> I'm waiting for Linc to get back here in chat, so we can tell him what we've discovered, and see if he recognizes anything
[2007-07-17 17:00:02] <amblyopianne> does sarcasm read in here
[2007-07-17 17:00:06] <acidfingers> lol
[2007-07-17 17:00:13] <modelmotion> lol
[2007-07-17 17:00:25] <acidfingers> sarcasm is implied, though you can also do "/sarcasm" and that will explicitly show it
[2007-07-17 17:00:35] <DTayl> in green font
[2007-07-17 17:00:44] <acidfingers> like: hey I'm not very hot /sarcasm
[2007-07-17 17:00:50] <modelmotion> is there any evidence that Joel has multiple personalities
[2007-07-17 17:00:55] <amblyopianne> oh - i get it
[2007-07-17 17:01:30] <DeviantMetztli> Modelmotion thats a very good question
[2007-07-17 17:01:33] <amblyopianne> hmm - what are the numbers from that music puzzle again
[2007-07-17 17:01:50] <amblyopianne> 3 3 5 15   anything else
[2007-07-17 17:02:09] <amblyopianne> i dont know model - sorry i missed you asking
[2007-07-17 17:04:28] <amblyopianne> phone brb
[2007-07-17 17:04:34] <modelmotion> you might check and see of Maddy received any mail after her death.....there might be something in the mailbox if noone has checked recently
[2007-07-17 17:05:21] <DeviantMetztli> do you think mr zip is dead?
[2007-07-17 17:05:32] <amblyopianne> back
[2007-07-17 17:05:41] <amblyopianne> ok everybody - I have to go
[2007-07-17 17:05:54] <heyaja> bye clara!
[2007-07-17 17:05:55] <amblyopianne> sorry meeting a friend for some stuff
[2007-07-17 17:05:58] <Zoey> bye clara
[2007-07-17 17:06:00] -->| MalcolmReynolds (n=chatzill@pool-71-247-166-96.nycmny.east.verizon.net) has joined #maddison
[2007-07-17 17:06:06] <amblyopianne> ill try to post the apartment footage tonight
[2007-07-17 17:06:10] <Zoey> ok thanks :)
[2007-07-17 17:06:12] <Opington> see yah
[2007-07-17 17:06:28] <heyaja> thanks clara
[2007-07-17 17:06:34] <amblyopianne> no problem
[2007-07-17 17:06:37] <amblyopianne> bye
[2007-07-17 17:06:43] <--| amblyopianne has left #maddison

Ok, Clara has decided to change her thesis statement to "Maddison and Adam's final days played out on video revealing what some feel to be a larger conspiracy- this thesis will show there is no conspiracy."

The college only lets equipment out for 48 hours. (Why did Maddison have hers for longer?)

Clara enjoys puzzles.

Clara plans to go to Maddison's that afternoon...so hopefully her next video will be of Maddy's place.
"But I don't want to go among mad people," Alice remarked.
"Oh, you can't help that," said the Cat: "we're all mad here. I'm mad. You're mad."


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PostPosted: Wed Jul 18, 2007 11:47 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Well, I'm certainly glad you seemed to eventually make some progress but man, there were some spots there were you kinda lost your stuff. Sure wish Greggers and I coulda been there. Ah well, next time.

It's probably also important to say that she had planned to go to Maddison's that afternoon...so hopefully her next video will be of Maddy's place.
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PostPosted: Wed Jul 18, 2007 12:15 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

JenniPowell wrote:
Well, I'm certainly glad you seemed to eventually make some progress but man, there were some spots there were you kinda lost your stuff. Sure wish Greggers and I coulda been there. Ah well, next time.

It's probably also important to say that she had planned to go to Maddison's that afternoon...so hopefully her next video will be of Maddy's place.

There was a bit removed from this log. The speed the chat was moving was definately disorienting and I had to repeat most questions twice to be heard.
"But I don't want to go among mad people," Alice remarked.
"Oh, you can't help that," said the Cat: "we're all mad here. I'm mad. You're mad."

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 18, 2007 8:43 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I feel sorry for "Clara" ...no wonder she said she doesn't like chat.

ETA: oh and I was the one who joked about her getting killed and nobody caring about it. I didn't say that I wanted her to get killed. Sorry if that sounded mean Clara, I only meant it as a jab at all the people hating you without realizing you're our only link to Maddy.

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 18, 2007 8:46 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thanks for posting chat logs - very helpful for those who want to see what was said without 'living' in chat.
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