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[Chat Log] Chat in #Maddison 7/18/07 11:30am~11:41am est

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 19, 2007 1:15 pm    Post subject: [Chat Log] Chat in #Maddison 7/18/07 11:30am~11:41am est Reply with quote

Trimmed for content. Full log=http://www.acidfingers.com/hosted/amby0719b.txt


[2007-07-19 11:24:29] <marlasinger> Good question Beast.
[2007-07-19 11:24:56] <amblyopianne> andrew
[2007-07-19 11:25:14] <andrewbeast> yes?
[2007-07-19 11:25:24] <amblyopianne> the briefcase was full of stuff that ive kind of heard about from you all and maddison's videos
[2007-07-19 11:25:31] <amblyopianne> the suess thingees
[2007-07-19 11:25:38] <andrewbeast> actually, I"m in the same place as you
[2007-07-19 11:25:41] <amblyopianne> the vials
[2007-07-19 11:25:44] <andrewbeast> I don't know jack about maddison
[2007-07-19 11:25:49] <andrewbeast> I'm new to all this
[2007-07-19 11:25:51] <andrewbeast> like you
[2007-07-19 11:26:15] <andrewbeast> what seemed most odd?
[2007-07-19 11:26:23] <amblyopianne> well.  i get the feeling that everyone is looking to me for some kind of answer or insight beyond what a normal person would have
[2007-07-19 11:26:36] <andrewbeast> forget about that
[2007-07-19 11:26:41] <amblyopianne> cool we are both new
[2007-07-19 11:26:49] <andrewbeast> you are the one there on the ground
[2007-07-19 11:26:57] <andrewbeast> so your perspective is the only one that matters
[2007-07-19 11:27:33] <amblyopianne> true but i feel (sorry marla here it comes) stipid
[2007-07-19 11:27:42] <Brooklynxman> your persective is different then ours, no doubt, you have access to physical evidence
[2007-07-19 11:28:00] <amblyopianne> but the physical "evidence" doesnt mean anything to me
[2007-07-19 11:28:11] <andrewbeast> exactly
[2007-07-19 11:28:32] <andrewbeast> so instead of trying to find something that means something
[2007-07-19 11:28:43] <andrewbeast> I'd just notice what jumps out at me
[2007-07-19 11:28:46] <andrewbeast> like choke
[2007-07-19 11:28:57] <andrewbeast> the thing about zipp that I just saw you holdin
[2007-07-19 11:29:21] <amblyopianne> like i said the briefcase had her research
[2007-07-19 11:29:28] <amblyopianne> the vials of stuff
[2007-07-19 11:29:34] <Brooklynxman> Im suprised she left that
[2007-07-19 11:29:36] <andrewbeast> That's really a great video, with lots of information and I'm sure it is reallyuseful
[2007-07-19 11:29:54] <andrewbeast> well, to see the vials, and the formula for something
[2007-07-19 11:29:58] <GregGallows> me too Brooklyn, or that the police didnt take it.
[2007-07-19 11:30:01] <amblyopianne> the four notes from zipp
[2007-07-19 11:30:04] <Brooklynxman> why would she have left that, it makes no sense to me
[2007-07-19 11:30:06] <amblyopianne> the suess things
[2007-07-19 11:30:07] <GregGallows> seems like they would need it to convict Frady.
[2007-07-19 11:30:19] <amblyopianne> all of that stuff just looks like japanese
[2007-07-19 11:30:23] <Brooklynxman> there's gotta be a reason it was still there
[2007-07-19 11:30:51] <andrewbeast> ooooh, I have a question!
[2007-07-19 11:31:06] <amblyopianne> ok - but just 5 more minutes
[2007-07-19 11:31:07] <andrewbeast> was the container of oats too high up for someone maddison
[2007-07-19 11:31:11] <amblyopianne> im cutting it close
[2007-07-19 11:31:20] <GregGallows> we took your advice and made a list for you clara, of people you should interview.
[2007-07-19 11:31:26] <GregGallows> http://lonelygirl15.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=12414&highlight=clara
[2007-07-19 11:31:30] <amblyopianne> ty
[2007-07-19 11:31:38] <andrewbeast> it looks high up
[2007-07-19 11:31:43] <amblyopianne> the oatmeal was reachable by chair i guess
[2007-07-19 11:32:07] <andrewbeast> see, that seems odd.  I eat oats everyday, so I'd have them easy to reach
[2007-07-19 11:32:09] <GregGallows> do you have alot of questions lined up for the DA clara, or are you gonna wing it?
[2007-07-19 11:32:43] <amblyopianne> um - i have a lot of questioons that i found in the forum
[2007-07-19 11:32:49] <amblyopianne> not a lot really
[2007-07-19 11:33:01] <andrewbeast> sometimes youmight use the oats for something other than eating, I don't know
[2007-07-19 11:33:09] <amblyopianne> making a drum?
[2007-07-19 11:33:17] <amblyopianne> i hope he sees me
[2007-07-19 11:33:18] <andrewbeast> LOL!
[2007-07-19 11:33:25] <andrewbeast> yes!
[2007-07-19 11:33:26] <andrewbeast> drum!
[2007-07-19 11:33:43] <GregGallows> pringles cans make great drums too.
[2007-07-19 11:33:52] <GregGallows> I hope so too clara
[2007-07-19 11:33:55] <andrewbeast> and big plastic water bottles
[2007-07-19 11:34:15] <amblyopianne> anything else before i go
[2007-07-19 11:34:16] <Brooklynxman> empty coffee tins
[2007-07-19 11:34:20] <marlasinger> Clara thank you
[2007-07-19 11:34:25] <amblyopianne> ok
[2007-07-19 11:34:27] <marlasinger> I know this is greek to you and you're doing a good job
[2007-07-19 11:34:27] <Brooklynxman> agreed
[2007-07-19 11:34:29] <GregGallows> : )thank you clara
[2007-07-19 11:34:43] <marlasinger> Now.  Crack down today and get a word or two out of that DA
[2007-07-19 11:34:45] * GregGallows totally agrees with marla
[2007-07-19 11:34:47] <andrewbeast> thank you clara!
[2007-07-19 11:34:48] <marlasinger> let us know if you need us.
[2007-07-19 11:34:57] <amblyopianne> im watching your video kepseygirl15 - make out with the guitar
[2007-07-19 11:35:05] <amblyopianne> that is hilarious
[2007-07-19 11:35:06] <andrewbeast> I'll watch the vied a few more times and if I have more questions
[2007-07-19 11:35:11] <marlasinger> hahaha Clara, way too hilarious!
[2007-07-19 11:35:49] <kelseygirl15> what?
[2007-07-19 11:35:50] <andrewbeast> brings a whole new meaning to getting a crunch sound out of your axe!
[2007-07-19 11:35:51] <kelseygirl15> oh
[2007-07-19 11:35:52] <amblyopianne> perky just asked me in PM
[2007-07-19 11:35:52] <kelseygirl15> haha
[2007-07-19 11:36:04] <marlasinger> Perky asked you what?
[2007-07-19 11:36:12] <amblyopianne> or unperky
[2007-07-19 11:36:18] <Brooklynxman> lol
[2007-07-19 11:36:19] <amblyopianne> asked about the journals
[2007-07-19 11:36:26] <Brooklynxman> she's not good in the mornings
[2007-07-19 11:36:44] <GregGallows> ah yes, I forgot about those.
[2007-07-19 11:36:46] <marlasinger> Yeah.  You didnt read them, although the note said you could?  Is that what I'm understanding?
[2007-07-19 11:36:55] <amblyopianne> BTW - please dont PM me in here - its all i can do to keep up with the main window
[2007-07-19 11:37:05] <GregGallows> will do.
[2007-07-19 11:37:14] <amblyopianne> im sorry to be a bitch - but i AM HORRIBLE AT TYPING
[2007-07-19 11:37:28] <marlasinger> It's okay Clara, again, stop apologising for yourself.
[2007-07-19 11:37:46] <marlasinger> So you didn't go through those journals
[2007-07-19 11:37:48] <marlasinger> correct Clara?
[2007-07-19 11:37:51] <amblyopianne> I didn't look at the journals because im not comfortable doing that
[2007-07-19 11:37:55] <amblyopianne> i have journals
[2007-07-19 11:38:03] <marlasinger> I'm going to sound cold and callous
[2007-07-19 11:38:16] <amblyopianne> and i wouldn't want anyone looking at them if i had dies
[2007-07-19 11:38:52] <amblyopianne> maybe andrew and marla but i really need to turn a big corner in my mind to do it
[2007-07-19 11:39:12] <marlasinger> She's dead, Clara.  I can understand that you might feel uncomfortable.  But she's gone.  Maddison might want someone to read them.
[2007-07-19 11:39:19] <amblyopianne> at this point, i dont see any reason - beyond your desire for me to - to look at them
[2007-07-19 11:40:11] <amblyopianne> kenny's video isnt as funny as kelseys
[2007-07-19 11:40:25] <marlasinger> the more you get to know kelsey, Clara, the funnier that video gets.
[2007-07-19 11:40:29] <kelseygirl15> hahahaha
[2007-07-19 11:40:40] <kelseygirl15> wow Clara, thanks, I thought Kenny's was better than mine.
[2007-07-19 11:40:41] <amblyopianne> i love abba
[2007-07-19 11:41:34] <amblyopianne> no way kelsey       you win
[2007-07-19 11:41:36] <andrewbeast> see ya marla!
[2007-07-19 11:41:37] <amblyopianne> shit
[2007-07-19 11:41:40] <amblyopianne> im late
[2007-07-19 11:41:42] <amblyopianne> bye all

She is still in chat but afk for work at this moment 7/18/07 3:48pm
"But I don't want to go among mad people," Alice remarked.
"Oh, you can't help that," said the Cat: "we're all mad here. I'm mad. You're mad."

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