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PTB: Fan Interaction and ARG Protocol Master Post

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 20, 2016 7:42 pm    Post subject: PTB: Fan Interaction and ARG Protocol Master Post Reply with quote

The Powers That Be wholeheartedly support fan creations within the lonelygirl15 Universe. It was a core value of the original series and it's a core value now. You can choose to be yourself within the lg15 world or create an original character. Like the original series, there will be opportunities for fan creators and characters to cross over into the official canon. We can't make any guarantees about how much bandwidth we will have for integrating fan works and it will be an evolving process but we will make it as clear as possible when a fan creation moves from fan created to canon.

One specific safety issue we do want to address concerns Live Drops and Live Events. These are amazing interactive opportunities and we want to continue to have them as part of the project but we definitely want to make sure everyone is safe, especially if a non-cannon creator wants to create them. The only time The Powers That Be will step out behind the curtain and attempt to cease and desist a fan event is if we feel that members of our community will be put in danger by participating. There are safety suggestions regarding these events that will assure a fun experience but keep all involved safe.

For those not familiar, a Live Drop is when a character leaves an in-game piece of physical content in the real world which affects the overall story. Generally, a few fans that are near the drop will go pick it up, while having an operator that has access to the online places fan gather on the phone with them, relaying what is happening in real time. A Live Event is similar but doesn't always involve actual physical items and generally encourages a large group of people to gather in a location to interact with characters to push the story forward. An operator should be designated in the instance of a Live Event as well, again so they can relay information to the fans online.

There are a couple of places to gather to work on puzzles / gather for Live Drops or Live Events:

lg15 Slack: Contact Cittiecait on Twitter/forum or email on howgeeksgetmarried@gmail.com and she will add you

#lg15chat IRC Channel: access via IRC client such as https://webchat.freenode.net/

Official Forums: http://www.lg15.com/forum/index.php

In more detail, here are the suggested steps for picking up Live Drops:

--Players gather in one of the 3 online fan gathering spots.
--As a group, the players designate one or more players that are in the area of the drop to go pick up the drop.
--As a group, players pick an online Operator.
--Privately, one of the players picking up the drop exchanges phone numbers with the Operator.
--Shortly before picking up the drop, one of the players picking up the drop calls the Operator.
--The player picking up the drop relays information to the Operator, retrieves the drop, and if there are physical items, describes what they are.
--The players picking up the drop takes any physical items and gets to a safe place to take photos of items and/or scan items and share them to the rest of the players online.
--Now all players can work together on WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN???
--Have fun.

That was the short version, for more detailed and general standards and practices, please read the below (thanks to PJ Scott-Blankenship for originally putting these together):

lonelygirl15 is a community-driven project. Players will be expected to be respectful of each other at all times. This includes respecting gender identity, race, sexual orientation, religion, beliefs, age, and disabilities.

Players will not be favored by the crew and no player or group of players shall become privileged in game-forwarding information. If a character tells you something in confidence it can be shared or stay secret but this will affect your relationship with the character.

There is a possibility that minors will play this game, be wary of that and do not act inappropriately. Live drops and events will always fall within times of curfew for minors and minors should get parental permission to before participating. lonelygirl15 is not responsible or liable for minors participating in the project.

Keep in mind anything you say, or do while interacting with a character is fair game for a character to reference.

Safety is always important, abusive behavior will result in immediate action. In the event of a drop, a handler should not go without an operator online or company. In the event of a puzzle, players are asked to work together and show your work before presenting it to the characters. It is possible players will be chosen to help moderate, but this does not mean the players are favored or will have an advantage in the game.

If you have a history of abusive or inappropriate behavior the Powers that Be (Miles Beckett, Jenni Powell, Logan Rapp, Yousef Abu-Taleb, Jessica Rose) have the right, and are expected to ignore you and revoke access to the forum.

Crossing these lines will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Please report any rule breaking to Jenni Powell or another moderator immediately and it will be dealt with.

Wikipedia says: An alternate reality game (ARG) is an interactive networked narrative that uses the real world as a platform and uses transmedia storytelling to deliver a story that may be altered by players' ideas or actions.


lonelygirl15 is an alternate reality game with puzzle solving and code breaking. Even though the series is crafted to give you, the viewers and players, a realistic and fun experience it must be stated that this in entirely fictional. Though intense and possibly graphic situations of harm and danger will be portrayed, none of it will be real and the viewers/players themselves will be in absolutely no danger.

There are two modes of thought that encompass all alternate reality games: In-Game and Out Of Game. In-Game avenues allow the player to interact with the series and have influence over the plot and characters by doing do.

Ample opportunity to be involved and interact with the characters In-Game will be available, but that is up to the viewer/player. You do not have to play to watch the series and follow along. When interacting with characters or posting comments in an In-Game avenue, players will be expected to adhere to storytelling protocol of Alternate Reality Games and pretend that in those interactions This Is Not A Game.

The other side of this is the Out of Game aspect. Out of Game refers to anything that the characters cannot see or interact with. For the most part, if you aren't trying to get [character]'s attention she won't be able to see what you're up to. Though, to be sure, you can make sure the characters are blinded by anything tagged "Out of Game" or "OOG."

This forum is currently 100% Out of Game. This may change in the future, but for now you can go crazy. Players are free to post theories, talk about aspects of the game and so on and so on. Players are actually encouraged to share all their work, and to work together. What you do WILL influence how the story turns out so it may be to everyone's best interests to work together. Puzzles and codes that are found should 100% be shared before the player solves them individually. The IRC channel is OOG unless a character shows up, then it switches to IG. The Slack channel is IG EXCEPT the designated OOC (out of character) room. Jenni Powell will always label her communications OOG, regardless of where she posts but she will do so as infrequently as possible.

At one point in the game, players may be able to share their addresses, phone numbers, emails and other personal information with characters. This will only be used as a means of communicating puzzles and will destroyed by the crew after the game; the information you provide will not be leaked or come out in a public fashion at any point during the game or after.

It is also possible that at one point we will give you a drop. A drop is a physical clue left behind in the real world for a player to pick up. If you elect to get a drop, it will be in a safe area. We do not advise for you to pick up said drop alone.

Any questions about any of this can be asked below.
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