A-Ok, Okay?

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A-Ok, Okay?
Blogger Reed
Date Posted November 27th, 2008
11:49:03 AM PST
URL lg15.com
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A-Ok, Okay? (also known as Just So We're Clear) is a text blog posted by Reed directly after the video Leave Me Alone and directly before the text blog Thankful.


HHey. I want you guys to know that I’m okay. Some of you seemed suspicious of me on the board yesterday, which I don’t understand. You need to stop looking for me. I know the footage you saw on Tuesday looked strange (and believe me, the experience was even stranger), but there’s nothing to worry about.

Yes, those “gentleemen” from LBL abducted me. I have no idea why they used a big pointy needle to do so. They seriously could have just asked me to quietly come along. At least I could have tried to run before they resorted to said big pointy needle.

When I woke up I was in some sort of lab. Surrounded by some doctors who asked me questions. Actuallly, they asked me one question, but repeated it a lot. They wanted to know where they could find Sarah, Maggie and Jonas, especially.

Of course I didn’t tell them anything. My lips were sealed. Like a freakin’ Go-Go. And once they realized I had nothing to give upp, they let me go. Just like that. They didn’t even give me a chance to make a heroic escape or anything. It was almost insulting.

Fortunately they’re gone now. They dropped me off in the middle of the city and I’mm just glad it’s over. I’m glad this whole thing is over. Please, stop looking for me.

I want to bee left alone now.



  • The double letters Reed is using in this blog, form the words "Help me".
  • This indicates that Reed was forced to write this and that he's still kidnapped by LBL.