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The Acrowleyorder film series is an independent production set in a parallel universe to the official lonelygirl15 series. There was early speculation by some fans that these films were a product of the the Creators. The Creators have never commented on the relationship of these videos to the canon series. However, one of the Creators of the Acrowleyorder, Bill, has issued a statement making it clear that all Acrowleyorder films are completely separate from the official LG15 world and are not an ARG. Despite this announcement, speculation has continued that these films may still play an official role in the lonelygirl15 series.

Such speculation is generally the product of new fans of lonelygirl5 that have begun to watch the official videos after already watching the Acrowleyorder videos on YouTube. As the Acrowleyorder Series receives thousands of "hits" on YouTube, it has become an independent medium which has resulted in new fans coming to the lonelygirl15 series and new participants in the official forum. This is a marketing technique developed by the Creators for a video series in which fans can interact by creating what is known as fan fiction.


Controversy arose on the forum among longtime lonelygirl15 fans who are often hostile to the new acrowleyorder fans whose first introduction to the LG15 world is through the two main characters in the acrowleyorder series; these characters are Gemma Crowley and Erica. This hostility is short-lived once the orthodox LG15 fans inform the new acrowleyorder fans that their character discussions regarding Gemma or Erica are only welcome in the fan fiction and character interaction sections of the forum. An earlier controversy arose over the use of out of character photos of the LG15 cast by the Acrowleyorder Creators, this controversy dissipated when it was made clear that the use of these photos had the blessing of the LG15 Creators. In addition it appears that the LG15 Creators do not share the feeling of a small number of fans opposed to the Acrowleyorder story line as the vast majority of Acrowleyorder video are allowed as video responses to official LG15 videos and all of the Creators and the majority of actors/actress in the LG15 Series are "friends" on the official acrowleyorder page. Gemma Crowley is also on the front page of the official Hymn of One page. The Acrowleyorder YouTube account is the only one subscribe to by the Hymn of One YouTube account other than lonelygirl15.


Gemma Crowley (gemmacrowley) is a character base upon Gemma who is believed to be dead in the original LG15 Series. The actress who played Gemma, Jackie Jandrell, in the official LG15 series has allowed candid photos of herself out of character to be use by the creators of Acrowleyorder but she appears to have no direct connection with the series. Some friends of Jackie Jandrell have also appeared in acrowleyorder videos. One such friend is named Madelaine; she appeared in the Acrowleyorder video entitled Kate Modern but refused to audition for the role of Kate Modern in the upcoming series by the Creators of LG15 despite agreeing to take part in the Acrowleyorder tribute to the upcoming series.

The Creators of Acrowleyorder have stated early in the series that Gemma Crowley might not be the same Gemma that appeared in the LG15 Series. This appears not to be true as several references to Gemma in the official LG15 series make it very clear that the character’s past experiences are quite similar. At this time it is believed that Gemma Crowley is a parallel universe version of the original Gemma who was killed in the LG15 series.

It has also been noted that the character of Gemma Crowley, the best friend of the leader of the OoD or Order of Denderah, is a great grand daughter of Aleister Crowley and has romantic feeling for Jonas. It is been speculated that she had a relationship with Jonas, an event which did not take place in the official LG15 world.

Erica (EricaCrowley) is the leader by birth of the Order of Denderah in the Acrowleyorder Universe. She is best friends with Gemma Crowley despite their two year age difference. Erica is 22 and Gemma is 20 years old. Erica real last name is unknown but on the official LG15 forum she uses Gemma’s name of Crowley. The character of Erica is bisexual but no reference has been made to a relationship between her and Gemma other than friendship. Erica has stated that she has a boyfriend, “if you can call him that”. She has also admitted participating in Sexual Magick and Sexual Rituals. It is unclear if these are OoD activities or just an interest she holds.

Erica is also believed to be sick as she is 5’4 and only weighs between 90 and 94 pounds. She is also believed to be anorexic, a prescription drug addict, a smoker, and possibly a heavy drinker of fine wine. It has been stated that she eats special diet of chicken, fish, and avoids rich food. She appears to be paranoid that other members of the OoD and the Hymn of One (HoO) talk about her behind her back. Gemma has described her as being boring and only interesting in watching movies at home. Erica has denied that this is true.

Erica does not fit the classic image that is presented of OoD and HoO members in the official LG15 storyline. It is clear that she regards herself as the “Pope” of both the HoO and the OoD. She also appears to take little interest in the HoO and will normally only talk about the OoD. It is also unclear if she is the leader of the HoO as she has only acknowledged being the leader of the OoD which supposedly controls the HoO. It has also been stated that she tends to dress in Grey Channel outfits more than the black that is traditional favored by members of the Order. She also prefers to be drive in a Mercedes-Benz rather than a Lincoln Town Car. Erica also hates to fly but owns a Gulfstream G550 airplane.

It is know from the story line that Erica lives primarily in Providence, Rhode Island; state which was founded on the principles of Freedom of Religion. Erica also appears to be accepting of other religions and has written positively about Judaism and Christianity. She has even stated that she celebrates Christmas because she likes the gifts and the tree. She has made some comments which would lead one to believe that she is not found of the Islamic faith and is extremely pro-American from a political prospective.

It has been made clear that Erica who is only 22 years old was born to be the leader of the OoD and was a “Ceremony Baby”. He mother committed suicide by jumping in front of a car when she was five years-old and her father disappear before she was born. She is a direct descendant of Adam (the first man) and Lilith, a storm demon who in Jewish folk law was the first wife of Adam. Lilith is consider today to be the first feminist as she refused to submit to the will of Adam and their relationship ended over a dispute over the role of woman in the sexual act. Lilith believed she had the right to mount Adam from the top and Adam disagreed. God allowed the relationship to end and created Eve. In the Acrowleyorder storyline about 10% of the members of the OoD are direct descendants of the mating of Adam and Lilith. This 10% also does not have the blood of Eve and are consider pure of blood. Prior to the discovery of DNA it was believe that most members of the OoD had pure blood but testing on the ancient bodies preserved at a church in the middle of Lake Bled in Slovenia proved that not to be the case. Bree and Jonas both are of pure blood in the Acrowleyorder universe and have been chosen breed the next leader, as Erica is unable to have children because of her “illness”. They are both believed to be distant cousins of Erica. It was also noted that Gemma Crowley, who is a member of the OoD is not of pure blood and either was her great grandfather Aleister Crowley (consider a holy man by the OoD).

There have been numerous references in Acrowleyorder videos to the Illuminati, Scottish Rite Freemasonry, and the Bohemian Club. The only know connection between any of these groups and Erica is that she has stated that he grandfather was an active Freemason. She is also related to Albert Pike, a Confederate War General who founded the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. These connections do not seem to be any more then background information on Erica’s family.

In a recent Acrowleyorder video, Erica and Gemma left Providence and went to France. Erica has stated that it would be unsafe for her to return to Providence at this time.

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