Adam Lamar, Pine Log Editor

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Episode 15/2x002
Adam Lamar, Pine Log Editor

It was, um...Date Rape Blood Drive

Blogger Clara Stokes
Date Posted July 11th, 2007
Length 2:12
Description Officer Terrell postponed our interview, but he said he'd be available tomorrow. Luckily, I tracked down Adam Lamar who is the editor for the SFA newspaper.
YouTube Tags maddison atkins senior thesis adam wilmott adam lamar xo pinelog
Clara April Rickman
Adam Lamar Adam Lamar
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Adam Lamar, Pine Log Editor is the fifteenth video in the Maddison Atkins video series. It is also the second video of chapter two.


Clara: (adjusting the camera) Ok, so thanks for doing this, Adam.

Adam: Yeah, no problem.

Clara: I'm just going to ask you a couple questions.

Adam: Alright.

Clara: And um, tell me how you believe the murders of Maddison Atkins and Adam Wilmott have affected us here on campus.

Adam: Well it . . . it really didn't. (Clara protests.) Well, I mean you know, nothing official came out until later on. And, you know I mean, everything was so crazy. I mean, nobody on campus really heard anything about it.

Clara: You didn't write any stories about two students getting killed. That's not news?

Adam: Well I mean, you know, don't get me wrong. We wanted to, you know, and we still might in the fall. I mean, there's always that option, but, you know I mean, with finals, and with having to move offices and everything... You know I mean like I said, nothing official came out until later on. Its not that we didn't want to honor the dead, our hands are just kind of tied right now, so... (He shrugs.)

Clara: So . . .

Adam: What I wanted to do was the story about the girls who disappeared at the XO cd release party, back in April. Like, him and Chehade got ran out of town for that. Like, but we weren't printing, you know, so I really couldn't write that story either, but you know. Had a good title for it. Date Rape Blood Drive.

Clara: Ok, um, so what now?

Adam: You didn't hear about that?

Clara: Uh, not really.

Adam: Are you serious? Dude, check it out. These ten girls, right... they get slipped like a roofie or something, at the show. And so like the next day they all wake up and they've got needle marks in their arm. Like everybody's ok, but, you know I mean, there weren't any drugs or disease or anything, but Chehade and X had to leave town over this stuff. Cause I mean, who's going to come to the show after that?


Adam: You should let me hook you up with those guys, seriously I mean, their story's pretty sw...

Clara: I guess that's all I can think about... (She gets up to leave.)

Adam: Alright, I mean seriously, I mean, its a good story. It's not a good story because, I mean you know, stuff happens and stuff happens, but, you know, people will read it. I mean, journalistically is what I'm saying. You know, it would work that way.


  • This video first introduces Adam Lamar
  • The rappers mentioned by Adam in this video are XO (myspace) and Chehade (myspace)