Assignment 2-- October 12, 2006

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This was the second assignment in The Homeschoolers Aggregate game.

Assignment Two

You should reply to this message with a post that contains the following:

1. Please list at least five of your own favorite titles (literature or film) that explore reality. Once you have your list, write a brief statement about what these titles say about you. Your statement must be at least a three-sentence paragraph, but it certainly can be as long as you like.

2. In addition, discuss the following question with those you trust, then form a statement of your answer: Is the concept of “maternal instinct” based in reality, or is it a myth that we perpetuate and wish upon species, especially humans?

See: Drs. Douglas W. Mock Elyse Rubenstein Sarah Blaffer Hrdy Sandra Wheatley

(Note: This is not to dismiss or deny the role of fathers -paternal instinct- or the importance of a pair of parents -parental instinct- in the lives of children. There is far more research about, expectations of and information on maternal instinct than on paternal instinct or parental instinct.)

What is your answer?

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