Back To Wonderland

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Back To Wonderland
Blogger Crystal
Date Posted January 22nd, 2010
13:11 PDT
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Back To Wonderland is a text blog posted by Crystal directly after the video Objective Assigned, and directly before the text blog Headaches, Back Pains, and Hardware Failure.


Well, after much unnecessary delay, I have FINALLY been able to return to my apartment, shiny new window and all!

First order of business: cleaning this stuff up. Don't get me wrong...I'm not a neat freak or anything, but I can't have my apartment looking like it was robbed. So, today I'm dedicating my time to picking EVERYTHING up, re-stacking my DVDs, organizing my shelves, cleaning the dishes, and most importantly: setting off three timed explosions of air freshener-bombs. I'm pretty sure I have the scent of 'lonely nerd' permanently embedded into my skin since sleeping on Will's couch, but I'll do my best to remove it.

Second Item: Your Videos. A lot of you sent me videos to cheer me up earlier this week, and they were AWESOME! They put me in a really good mood.

Mitch: You're right...I need to get out and see a movie. I dunno about Avatar, though...I'd prefer something more low-key.

Jessica: You seem really nice! :) I like your glasses! And I'm totally with you on the whole 'trust no one' issue when it comes to this Youtube business. Some of the comments I've gotten have been from total PERVS -_-

Jordan: Hi! You're really cute for a kid :P So...yes, about the computers...two of them are mine. I have a laptop for on-the-go work, and I have a desktop that I use when I need to add a little Photoshop to my drawings. The other monitors and stuff were actually here when I moved in...there was a lot of junk packed together in one of the closets that I guess was left over from the guys who had the room before me. I didn't complain, though...I might need some extra computer stuff later on. A lot of it is old and probably doesn't work, tho.

Third Item: Where I went. Everyone wants to know where I went after the police came. I'll be honest: I don't want to talk about it. Personal stuff, and it doesn't really matter anywayz. Sry!

Fourth (and final) Item: That Guy Named Will. Lay off Will for a while. I thought he was creepy to begin with, but he's actually turning out to be a nice guy. Yeah, I hear you guys when you're saying he probably was the theif, but it just doesn't add up: he was filming that video WHILE the guy broke COULDN'T have been Will...the timeline just doesn't fit. It had to be someone else.

Who this 'someone' IS, I'll probably never know.

Anyway, Will's having a house party later on, and I think I might go. Considering he's pretty much the only person in this town that I really know, it'll be good to expand my horizons a bit.

Just checking in. TTYL!