Headaches, Back Pains, and Hardware Failure

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Headaches, Back Pains, and Hardware Failure
Blogger Will
Date Posted January 25th, 2010
20:12 PDT
URL lg15.com
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Headaches, Back Pains, and Hardware Failure is a text blog posted by Will directly after the text blog Back To Wonderland, and directly before the video Welcome to SHENtek.


...I hate Mondays. Everything goes wrong on Mondays. Nothing WORKS on Mondays, and the things you count on to pan out usually turn out to be duds.

I chose to use this, the first day of my realization that the Super Bowl Will Suck™ to utilize as my bring-your-camera-to-work day. The plan was simple: set it up, hit record, and document my boring life.

First off, I woke up this morning to find two things: 1) My apartment floor had flooded, and 2) The flood had frozen to ice.

I dunno what's worse: getting up to pee and realizing you're stepping on your next-door neighbor's broken toilet's fluids, or stepping outside to see the extent of the water damage, and falling flat on your butt INTO said fluid.

But whatever, I manage to pull myself together and go to work, camera in hand.

...but then, things REALLY fell apart.

Since I haven't put the video up yet, I wont spoil it for you, but just know that I spent the entire day working overtime, desperately trying to repair half of the office's systems.

Which, of course, leads to back pain, seeing as how I spend 90% of my time sitting, 9% lifting heavy boxes, and the other 1% proving Murphy's Law true.

And the back pain, of course, leads to headaches.

...Which lead to me being a very unhappy code monkey.

I don't know exactly what it is...maybe the squishy carpet floor of my home, or the six new piles of paperwork at the SHENtek office, but something tells me that things are about to get very ugly VERY quickly around here, and my misfortune happens to ACTUALLY be the ironic calm before the storm.

Hopefully the house party will help take my mind off things, but I'm not counting on it.

Right now I could use an aspirin, an Icy-Hot Patch, a massage, and about 20 straight hours of sleep. I'm sure I'm just having an off day...but I've got a bad feeling about this.