Call Me Jules

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Episode JUL1
Call Me Jules

Isn't this SO seductive?

Blogger Jules
Date Posted April 9th, 2007
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Length 1:32
Description My name is Julia but you can call me Jules.
Location(s) Jules's house
YouTube Tags Jules paris french reading count of monte cristo
Production Credits
Producer(s) Amanda Goodfried
Director(s) Amanda Goodfried
Camera Amanda Goodfried
Vidplay Amanda Goodfried
Story Amanda Goodfried
Editor(s) Amanda Goodfried
Jules Shannon Solomon
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Call Me Jules is the first video in the Callmejules24 video series. Jules introduces herself in several different languages.


Jules: Hola. (waves) Mi nombre es Julia. (Seductively) Bonjour, mes noms est Julia. (Stern face.) Hallo, ist mein namen Julia. (Smiles.) But you can call me Jules. So, I've been learning new languages lately. One of them, you're probably not even familiar with. My dad says it's important to be "cultured", whatever that means. As you can tell, I'm new at this, so I'm sorry for my pronunciation. Also, (reaches toward the camera) I'm new at this. I hope it's working. Now back to language. The one I prefer most would have to be French. I guess because it sounds so beautiful. Not coming from me, of course, but if you actually listen to a French person speak the language, it's so amazing. Like the way "bonjour" rolls off your tongue. Bonjour. Bonjour. Bonjour. It's the romance language. Wow, I must seem really lame. When I talk in French, I mostly think about going to France. Sitting in a... French cafe and reading a great book, just looking at the Eiffel Tower. My parents travel a lot, and my mom said that Paris is one of her favorite cities. I hope I can go there someday. So, what else? I like to read a lot. I just got done reading "The Count of Monte Cristo". I guess I like to read so much... because my life is pretty much dull. And I mean, in that book, there's so much intrigue and romance and adventure, and it makes my life feel not so dull. I think I can relate to the main character in this book. He had to be trapped in a dungeon for many years. And sometimes, I feel the exact same way. Wow, that was kind of depressing, huh? I hope I didn't bore you too much. Maybe next time, I'll find something more interesting to talk about. Au revoir. Bye.


  • The usual ways of saying "My name is Julia" in Spanish, French, and German are "Me llamo Julia", "Je m'appelle Julia", and "Ich heiße Julia" respectively. Instead, Jules seems to be saying "My names is Julia" in French and "Is my names Julia?" in German. But as Jules says on the YouTube commentboard: "ya i'm still learning."
  • As Nikki Bower stated in her video The Ceremony Girl?! - NBR Investigates, Jules says that she is learning a language that most of us probably haven't heard of, and might refer to Enochian, which Bree had to learn in her preparation for the ceremony.