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This page is about the Hymnofone series, derived from the the possibility of a girl to replace Bree in the Ceremony. For a complete list of the possible girls, see List of New Girl Candidates.
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Person information
Age Unknown
Revver Hymnofone

Hymnofone a.k.a. Cassandra is a member of the Hymn of One who was chosen to do The Ceremony. When she was chosen, Hymn of One members took her to a special facility to prepare. Her mother is pleased, convinced that they will take good care of her. However, before she can do the Ceremony, she has to kill a girl named Brianna who poses a threat to the Hymn of One and their teachings. Cassandra isn't happy with her new duty, but will do it in order to keep herself safe.

However, in her next video, Cassandra reveals that she no longer has to kill that girl, but she still has to participate in the Ceremony. She expresses her unease about the entire situation, saying that she has no idea what the Ceremony actually is. She also reveals that while she is in captivity, she is entertaining herself by watching lots of movies. She also reveals that a nice girl named Gemma used to spend time with her, but she hasn't seen her in a while.

Cassandra discovers that the Hymn of One are watching her videos, and they have broken into her computer to prevent her from posting more videos. She asks Bree for help, stating that she can't go on by herself. She says that the Hymn of One is not a choice, and people like Alex are foolish to believe that.

Cassandra somehow manages to escape the building where she is being held, however, something goes wrong, as she says that she was tricked and she doesn't want to "do these things". The ambiguity of the video has led many to believe that Cassandra has died.

All of her videos have since been removed, although her Revver profile remains.