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Episode 33/2x020

Clara video.jpg
We wanna see you happy and healthy.

Blogger Marla
Date Posted September 6th, 2007
Length 3:39
Description She took me to Maddison's apartment - and I hope I didn't scare her away forever...

We're just worried. Maybe she'll change her mind.

As for Maddison's apartment - I'll post more in a bit.

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Marla Maya Kramer
Clara April Rickman
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Clara is the thirty-third video in the Maddison Atkins video series. It is also the twentieth video of chapter two.


(Marla and Clara enter Maddison's apartment.)

Marla: I can film this, right?

Clara: Yeah, sure.

(They go in and turn the lights on. Clara sits on the couch.)

Marla: Um listen Clara, I'm really sorry if I came across as harsh earlier. I didn't mean to. We just... we want to see you happy and healthy and we want to see you, you know, graduate and finish your doc. You know?

Clara: Yeah. I mean, it's not. I don't know what to say, it's not... Don't worry about the other day. It's totally cool. It's understandable. I mean there's nothing... I mean, theres's nothing that I can say to you. I can't talk to you. I can't talk to you all. I can't talk to you. And I've... I've done what I can. And uh, I've been... I've been really busy. Worked a lot of shifts, haven't had a lot of time. And apparnetly I'm not even doing it the way I'm supposed to anyways, so.

Marla: Well, I mean, you want to graduate, right?

Clara: Yeah. I mean, yeah. Of course I do. But that's not the most important thing right now.

Marla: Well... but you wanna make docs though? You want to... do something with your life?

Clara: (Hesitates.) Yeah. Um, I don't... I mean, look, okay. The closer I get to this thing, and the longer it takes, and seeing everything and just remembering everything, just going through it all. I mean, I can't talk to you, I can't talk to all of you. It's not anything that anybody can do. This is something that nobody... nobody at all can do. And it's really hard, being here right now.

Marla: Is somebody threatening you? Are you okay? Are you safe?

Clara: Nobody's threatening me. I mean, I don't feel safe. I mean the more and more I get into this, the less safe I feel, and the more vivid the nightmares. So I'm just, I choose to disappear.

Marla: Can we help, at all?

Clara: (Shakes head) No. I wish that somebody could but no, no. Look, just stay here as long as you want. I'm gonna leave. And um, I'll just come back and lock the dead bolt later. Okay?

Marla: Are you sure?

Clara: Yeah, yeah. I'm sure. So enjoy your time here. And I'll see you around.

Marla: Clara, if there's ever anything anyone can do for you.

Clara: I'll let you know.