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First Appearance Last Appearance
Back Up or Back Off Season One Finale: Day of Atonement
Character information
Age Unknown
Portrayed by Axel Bierstedt

Videos with Contact

While waiting for reinforcements in Boston, Sarah met a Contact who warned her that she should have come alone. Sarah ignores his warning, and meets up with community members anyway. As they work to decode the mysterious messages left on the Willow Wood Auctioneers imeem page, one of the community members mentions that someone has been following them for a while, Though the others are unable to spot him. Not long after, he comes up to Sarah and tells her that she should have come alone, and takes her laptop from her.

It was later discovered by Mitch that the Contact had been following Sarah in a blog she had uploaded earlier that week. Daniel later reveals that this Contact was just one of Sarah's "hired scrooges" to help "execute her so-called master plan."

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