Crazy Bitch

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Episode 5/1x005
Crazy Bitch

Crazy Bitch.jpg
Sniff something!

Blogger Rachel
Date Posted July 17th, 2007
Length 1:19
Description Walking my landlord's dog is a workout! We've bonded, but today she was unpredictable, as always.

It was a good distraction, at least. No word on the test results yet. I took the first step, but my life's mission is to fear the worst case scenario!

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Rachel Sara E. R. Fletcher
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Crazy Bitch is the fifth video in the Redearth88 video series.


Rachel: So this is where I'm living this summer. The deal I have with the owner is that I have to walk the dog. She's a little crazy.

(Cuts to Rachel walking the dog.)

Rachel: Ugh. Come on girl... just straight, just straight! Come here! So I've been trying to teach the owner's dog a few tricks. Look, look at the camera. Okay, sit! (The dog sits.) Good girl! Okay, lay down! Or you can sit, that's cool. Lay down. Lay down. (The dog sits.) Okay, sit. Good girl. Okay wait, lay down. Lay down. Lay down! Roll over. Roll over. (The dog continues to sit there.) This is really embarrassing! Bucket, you're embarrassing me. She's really good at this trick, I promise. Sniff something. Sniff something. Sniff something! (The dog sniffs something.) See! She totally just sniffed something. I taught her that. Okay, she totally has this one. Bucket, play dead. Play dead. Play dead. (The dog begins running, yanking Rachel by the leash.) Ohmygod. So, Bucket and I just made a friend. He asked for my number, but doesn't mean he'll call.


  • When Bucket pulls on the leash and Rachel "meets a friend," she actually meets Linc (as seen in his video Creepy Stalking 101).