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He's a monster, I promise!!
The Ceremony Girl?! - NBR Investigates
Person information
Age 30
Birthday June 29th, 1991
MySpace derekmurawski
YouTube dmurawski
Revver dmurawski
Portrayed by Derek Murawski

dmurawski (Derek Murawski) is a popular YouTuber and emerging dance/electronica artist. He has several connections to LG15, including subscription by most lonelygirl15 channels on YouTube and a video response to one of his videos regarding his cat from canon character Jules. He has been a frequent responder to the franchise since the first months of production. Notable responses are ones that featured his cat, disguised as a demonic being who wants to rape the main characters, including Jonas. Others feature Murawski himself talking to the characters, and the most notable of those feature P. Monkey and Owen. These plush characters are available at Target.

In a late 2008 Stickam event, Murawski noted that he plans to make more high-end videos featuring the struggles of post-Bree Owen and P. Monkey. This was on a long list of future ideas.

In January 2009, Murawski submitted a pilot for the LG15 pilot contest. It didn't win, but he was given a small prize, anyhow.

On November 17th, 2009, Murawski released his debut single "Winter" to iTunes. It debuted in the top 100 of the iTunes Dance album charts. His debut album, 'Flakes,' is set for an early 2010 release.