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First Appearance Last Appearance
Dr. Weirdo Chapter 4: Growth Spurt
Character information
Age Varies
Portrayed by Gene Foad, Sean Vincent Biggins, Jason Wilburn, Jenni Powell, Jake Coburn, Neil Mossey, Lawrence Tallis, Unknown, Unknown

Videos with Doctor

Doctors have been featured in several parts of the LG15 Universe.

A female doctor was seen in Bloodlines: Part 2 in front of the hospital where Emma was supposed to perform the Ceremony. Jonas then followed her for a little while in Bloodlines: Part 3, where she was seen with a Watcher. She was last seen with Dr. Hart right before Dr. Hart saved Emma during the Ceremony.

Doctors have also been seen in The Last Work, namely Doctors Kavorkian and Reece, who work at St. Grinstead Psychiatric Research Institution.

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