Don't Worry...I Can Help.

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Don't Worry...I Can Help.
Blogger Emma
Date Posted March 24th, 2010
02:52 PDT
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Directly after "Power Down"
Directly before "Knight Vision"
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Don't Worry...I Can Help. is a text blog posted by Emma directly after the video Power Down, and directly before the video Knight Vision.


Crystal, don't worry. I just watched the video, and I know you were seperated from Will. Just follow my instructions, and I'll get you out of there. I just sent you a map that shows the layout of the first 4 floors of the building. If you can get to any one of those levels, follow the evacuation plans listed, and you should be able to find yourself on the skywalk.

Take the skywalk down to the 3rd floor and go through the emergency fire exit. If you can get across the bridge, you should be able to cross over into a neighboring parking garage. I've left a car for you to use. It's tan color, license plate KM - 436 - LG. It should have a full tank of gas, but it's not built for road chases, so don't attract any attention, and make sure that you arent followed.

Oh, and it might take a while getting used to driving on the opposite side. Just pretend everything is swapped, and if you get into any trouble, just follow the lead of the cars around you. And they honk a lot...don't let it get to you.

Will, if you're reading this, don't worry about Crystal. I'll make sure she stays safe. Just focus on getting that data. Spencer has already sent you information on what to look for, and apparently you already know how to log on to SHENtek's servers, so I'll let you handle it.

And...I know you might not have enough time, but if you could...look for Mason. There's a strong possibility that it's just a ploy to get you out in the opening, but...I need to know if he's okay.

After you finish your job, follow the plans I gave Crystal and find your way outside. The quicker you both can get in and out, the better.

And keep your eyes peeled: the power should have come back to the building 44 seconds after I disabled it, but the lights are still off. SOMEBODY took out the back-up system...and I don't want you crossing paths with them if they aren't on our side.

Good luck!


  • Despite Emma's mentioning of it, France, similar to the majority of other European countries, does not drive on the left side of the road.