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Episode 007
Dream 7: Get Up! Look Who's Here to See You... (MsKelly)

You're late for class!

Blogger VoyBoy
Date Posted April 5th, 2007
URL revver.com
Description Rose Marie Kelly sat on a wall

Rose Marie Kelly had a great fall...

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YouTube Tags HSA TiKo MsKelly bree LG15 Daniel Jonas Opaphid Lonelygirl15 Dream6
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Dream 7: Get Up! Look Who's Here to See You... (MsKelly) is the seventh blog in the Dreams from the Breeniverse video series.

About Dream 7

Text: Rose Marie Crandall-Crowley Kelly

(Shot of Ms Kelly's face.)

(A helicopter noise is heard.)

Text: Imploded for the first time. As a small child.

(Shot of a young girl on a gurney being walked through the hallway in a hospital.)

Text: Each time, she put herself Back together again.

(Scene of a candlelight vigil.)

(A silhouette of what appears to be a girl caught on fire.)

Singsong voice: All the king's horses and all the king's men.

Text: Wake up Rose! You're Late for class!

Text: ...And man is TiKo pissed.


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