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Truck driver.jpg
First Appearance Last Appearance
Abducted?! Getting Wet
Character information
Age Unknown
Portrayed by Lee Callagher, Felix Pring, Arek Włodarczyk

Videos with Driver

Drivers of cabs, limos, or cars that pick up hitch-hikers often pop up in the LG15 Universe.

Daniel, Jonas, and Sarah followed a truck from the Lullaby Project Center, which was carrying a shipment off to one of their "missions." They followed the truck until it stopped at a local restaurant, where the truck driver got something to eat. Daniel filmed the driver while Jonas and Sarah snuck into the truck to try to find evidence. Daniel mentioned that this truck driver did not look like a stereotypical truck driver. When Daniel followed the guy out of the restaurant though, he realized that the truck was already gone; someone else had picked it up and the truck driver he had been following was no longer driving the truck.

A cab driver drove Charlie to a crime scene in London when she got back from Australia. He tries to talk with her, mentioning that a girl had been killed in the place she requested to go.

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